The palette of shades and features of the applying gel varnishes Rosalind

The palette of shades and features of the applying gel varnishes Rosalind

Aliexpresses presents a line of gel varnish entitled Rosalind. It has mainly positive customer reviews and is often used by professional masters of nail service in beauty salons. For drying the coating requires ultraviolet or LED lamp. About what qualities the material has, and how to apply it correctly, let’s talk in this article.


Rosalind brand has a very wide range of products. Beautiful ladies like such a series as “cat’s eyes”, shimmer, lilac, matte, and many others. This is due to the fact that the material is perfectly applied, it has a comfortable brush, quickly dries and looks very attractive. In addition, all gel varnishes have an affordable price, which allows them to acquire them to everyone.

If for any reason you have to combine the gel varnishes of this brand with the materials of other manufacturers, it will not deliver problems. However, it is better to clarify the moment in advance, some may not come. The bottle is produced in the amount of 7 milliliters, which is quite a bit, but it is rather plus, since the material does not have time to dry. It is impossible not to note the possibility of mixing the tones, which gives the master the variety of new shades that correspond to the requests of even the most demanding fashionistas. The design of bottles is diverse, nevertheless it does not interfere. Each collection is made in a single style. Most often, bottles are made of matte black glass, they have a sticker with the composition of the material. Rosalind has all the necessary quality certificates and is absolutely safe for the consumer. The average price of 1 gel lacquer – about a dollar.

Among the disadvantages of products, it can be noted that the lacquer flocks from the brush down, so open the bottle is problematic. In addition, the smell of many will seem unpleasant.

Base and top

Each company, creating nail care products, has both base and top. Experts recommend to apply basic coating very thin, so beautiful ladies will not be painful sensations when drying in the lamp. The database can be soldered, as it has photoinitiators in its composition. When they are polymerized, heat is highlighted. However, the database has advantages. She pretty quickly dries, the time spent on this process takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the type of lamp.

After the master fulfilled the manicure, removed the natural glitter from the nail plate, degreased it and inflicted the primer, it comes a series of use of the basic coating. Specialists advise him to apply it in two layers, the first – rubbing into the nail, the second is already on top, so the surface will turn out to be more even. With the right application of the nail base will have a smooth continuous glare.

As for the tops of the Rosalind brand, they are pretty thick and have the ability to self-level. In addition, this coating protects gel varnish from chipping and abrasion, you can do household deals with the manicure. Nevertheless, applying has its own characteristics.

When coating nails, the top rosalind should not be risen. Due to his density, he will reach the brush, so work requires special accuracy. When the top is applied to the nail plate, the hand must be turned over for a few seconds, and then remove in the lamp. Degreasing is not required, but a couple of minutes you need to wait for the coating to cool.

Removal of coating

As for the removal of the coverage, there may also be some nuances. In some reviews it is specified that gel varnish is difficult to remove. Influence on this can provide primer.

If it is impossible to remove the coating in the usual way, the masters recommend to cut it. The database lasts on the nail, so it is not required to remove it, and it will not be so easy to do. The new gel varnish will be applied right above. Spicking the coating is more convenient to the entire ceramic cutter, as other materials can deliver strong discomfort to clients by overheating. This scheme has another advantage – during it there are no liquids containing acetone, respectively, the unpleasant smell will be absent.

About Series

The wide color palette and various series make Rosalind products popular like the masters and their clients. Consider in more detail the basic rules using special demand – diamond, “cat eye”, “artificial fur”, and thermolates. The shimmer shades of the Diamond Series of the French representative are valued for a terrific diamond brilliance, especially relevant for holidays, parties and other events. The material easily falls, beautifully flickers when light. Gel varnish with a smaller glitter can be used for everyday wearing, it looks very neat and cute.

Metallic Gel Lucky “Feline eye” long loved to fashionable and presented in the collections of many manufacturers. Rosalind is no exception, however, the palette of these colors is not distinguished by a special variety, shades are predominantly calm. In this case, an excellent option will be on a black color, it will give effect and intensity. The orange material will be brightly released in neon light.

Masters of the nail service often use such appreciation technique: after a strip is formed under the magnet, it moves a thin needle to a spiral, as a result, it turns out a spectacular and unusual rose.

One of the new products that has time to love the fashionistas of the whole world is the series “Artificial fur”. The coating looks rather original than it is of particular interest. In addition, it can be combined with materials from other series, it gives special saturation and unusual design. As for thermolates, their color ruler is not so wide, however, the shades are very pleasant. If the marigolds have sufficient length, Franch is very beautiful, as it is darkened on the tips. In the case of short nails, the tone may seem insufficiently saturated, but this option will be the original find in the winter, because in heat and in the cold gel varnish will change its color.


Rosalind gel lacquer is known not only in Russia. It is chosen and fashionable and fashionable countries such as America, Poland and Ukraine. They note the low price category of goods, which does not affect its excellent quality and reliability. Technologies are constantly being improved, so with time the material becomes only better. Appear on sale and new items – for example, matte or rubber top. The manufacturer has updated the appearance of the product, now all the bottles of black.

Previously, there were reviews that difficulties occurred when removing the material. Perhaps this concerns old options, as Currently, the buyers thank the supplier for the goods and celebrate its good quality. According to Aliexpress rating, this gel lacquer is at the honorable third place. He is considered the best by self-leveling.

Masters converge in the opinion that this material is perfectly held on the nails up to the month. At the same time, it is often possible to use another database and top. In addition, it is recommended to apply gel lacas correctly so that there are no problems in the future. When following the technology of applying, Rosalind products will delight representatives of the beautiful sex for a long time.

In the next video you will find a detailed overview of various colors of Gel Lakkov Rosalind.

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