TNL Professional Gel Varnish: Flower Palette, Advantages and Disadvantages

TNL Professional Gel Varnish: Flower Palette, Advantages and Disadvantages

There is a rule and, one might say, the law that the woman is well-groomed and who loving himself says above all her hands. Of course, it is important to take care of the moistening and a careful form of brushes, but the manicure plays a significant role here.

Recently, in the market of decorative cosmetics there is a huge number of brands for the production of gel varnishes. It is they who now enjoy unprecedented popular among true fashionistas. The Korean firm TNL Professional for a relatively short period managed to establish himself from a good side not only in the circle of manicure masters, but also from ordinary shellac lovers who prefer to make their hands more beautiful.

Pros and cons

TNL Professional gel varnishes have both advantages and some flaws. Consider their details.

  • It is worth noting the perfect consistency of gel varnishes. She is completely ugly, so you can avoid hitting the cuticle. At the same time, there will be no need for problems with applying and distribution on the nail.
  • A huge number of newcomers praises these gel varnishes, because it can be used to use the funds from the first use. In addition, the polymerization process absolutely does not change the appearance of the product, which is important for both newcomers and professionals.
  • It is impossible not to pay attention to the excellent design of the bottle and its convenience. Enthusiastic compliments are honored and brushes. They are flat and wide, which is extremely important for successful shellac.
  • However, to reach the maximum brightness and saturation of the color, you need to apply the means in 2 or even 3 layers. But if you look at this problem creatively, then why not experiment with the number of layers?
  • TNL Professional gel lacquers look great only with the branded base and top covering, which is not always convenient to the master. Products of this company are especially sensitive to the change of “native” funds.
  • The indisputable plus of Shellakov TNL Professional is their price. Manufacturers skillfully combine the low cost of products with its high quality. In different regions, the price tag for a 10 ml bottle is about 200 rubles.

Brand TNL Professional tracks the latest fashion trends and tries to constantly delight the real lady with new items. Gel-varnish series are replenished and divert. Pretty famous is a series that bears the name “Cat Eye”. Created manicure looks stylish and expensive due to the visibility of precious stones. This line is different not only by the excellent quality of the used raw materials and colors saturation, but also the widest choice of shades.

In the palette is presented more than 40 colors under any mood.

And also deserves flattering reviews collection “Crakylur”. Unusual effect is achieved due to cracks that can be done using a special substrate in combination with gel varnish of this line.

True Modnitz will delight a series called Mosaic Effect. Boldly and originally looks a drawing, resembling frosty painting on the window. Long time leaving except for the choice of shade.

There is a color for any handbag and for each of the four times of the year.

Your nails will be some chameleons if shellac covers them from the “Thermo” collection. From the variable, first rising, then lowering, the nails temperature change the color, which looks bold and original. In addition, there will be no substrate for such a cover. Gel varnish is applied directly to the basis.

Enthusiast glands of friends will be chained to your manicure if you give preference to gel lacas from the collection “Mirror Glitter”. Created by them, the mirror effect will definitely leave you without several compliments from the surrounding.

A wide selection of color palette will cause a mass of laudatory reviews.

There are other no less beautiful series, which are also popular. For example, Summer Party, Rubber Camouflage, Metal, Morocco, Glitter, Celebrity, Magnet Lux, Fashion Week, Series 3 in 1.



If you are a supporter of a traditional manicure or camouflage gel lacquer, then you can safely rely on the brand TNL Professional. Among all sorts of original series, you can find a favorite classic. And the palette from more than two hundred shades will not exactly leave your hands without beautiful marigolds.

A variety of shades

As mentioned above, this brand is a variety of all sorts of colors for decorating your nails. Let’s look at the example of some Consider the products offered by the brand TNL Professional Products.

Remembering the classics and the naturalness, which is now in fashion, take Shade at number 48. This is a gentle dairy, you can say a nyudova. According to the Masters, his consistency is densely. However, this does not interfere with applying to nail. In addition, the magical and pleasant manicure receives with him covers all the inconvenience.

I would like to pay attention to Shade at number 123. For several seasons, mint color in the first places in the rating of fashionable shades. Summer on the background of tanned skin – what is needed for good mood. However, many notice some looseness of this number. It is recommended to apply this shellac in 3 layers. Then exactly the eye does not tear off from color saturated nails.

For unusual and bold fashionists, a saturated black shade will be perfect. In the classic TNL Professional palette it takes 131 room. Many note ease of use, however, for more virtuoso results, it is recommended to apply the second layer.

Number 169 Warm and very autumn color – lilac. Just for the weather when in the soul is still summer, but you need to be more restrained. You can only apply, then a gentle and almost imperceptible manicure – your.

Probably one of the most popular color for manicure – red. In the TNL Professional line it is presented at number 184. This gel varnish is even called Alla – it is very saturated color. As for the application and coverage of the selected shade, there are no negative comments at all.

Enthusious views of the surrounding you exactly get if you prefer TNL 197, It is also called spring color. This is a gentle and very pleasant lilac shade. It will come to a strict office suit and for a fascinating walk with friends in the first warm days. Texture gentle, in applying gel varnish unpretentious.

And if you paint into two layers, you can get a brighter, but still a gentle shade.

Of course, the catalog of colors and a variety of gel varnishes techniques will not leave the most sophisticated fashionistas. In each collection, TNL Professional is offered from 20 to 200 all sorts of shades. From cold to warm, from gentle and pastel tones to bright and extreme colors that prefer bold women who destroy stereotypes.

Application rules

Regardless of where the manicure procedure occurs – you turned to a specialist, or decided to cope on our own – it is important to take care of sterility. After all, beautiful nails are primarily healthy nails. Make sure that the master before starting the procedure has processed each tool, their own and your hands with disinfecting solution. At home also do not forget about cleanliness.

The first and most important point at the very beginning of working with gel varnish of any brand is degreasing needed to avoid the deformation of the coverage in the future.

Working with some gel varnish, for example, those where any effect will be noticeable at the end of the work, requires pre-spill of the nail and applying a special base. Of course, this process cannot be called healthy nail health. Therefore, it is worth a preference to single-phase shellats, work with which does not imply any deformation of the nail.

If you have chosen a color gel lacquer for manicure, then its application has several features. First of all it is important to remember that the thickness of all the layers should be small. Otherwise, ugly waves will be formed along the edges of the nail, the elimination of which will take a lot of time.

If your choice fell on bright, pastel tones or camouflage TNL Professional, then you need to apply gel varnish in two layers. You can dry the layers using UV lamp. It often happens that when working with Dark Flowers Shellaka remains so-called propellas. It is not necessary to scare this and apply as much gel varnish as possible. The solution to the problem is only in the second layer.

The final and equally important stage will be the applying of top coverage, necessary for the manicure state as long as possible remained initial. This coverage is important to apply a thicker layer than the shellac himself. In addition, he needed a longer drying time, which will guarantee a long saturation of color. For example, you can use the IRON TOP fixer.


Of course, both professionals and newcomers in the manicure industry allocate two most important evaluation criteria – price and quality. As already mentioned, the brand TNL Professional masterfully combines these indicators: people pay relatively small money for pretty high-quality goods.

And also the positive reviews include a huge number of comments about the convenience of applying TNL Professional gel varnishes.

Professionals note that the consistency has been developed by the most successful: ridiculous and neggy, which is convenient and beginners.

Many say that TNL Professional means will quickly dry in the lamp in comparison with other brands of Shellakov. Undoubtedly, it’s a huge plus, because time is expensive.

Moreover, it is impossible to leave a variety of colors. Few producers of this product can boast such a wide palette of shades.

However, the TNL Professional gel varnish has cons. A huge number of women complain about the caustic smell of individual shades. Others are not satisfied with an excessive lacquer. And the third hints at a short time saturation.

    Well, each of his. It is worth considering the fact that much depends on the used, in addition to the gel varnish itself, materials (base, fixer). If they are low quality, the kind of shellac will be spoiled.

    In one, you can not doubt exactly: The TNL Professional gel varnish has more advantages than minuses. Therefore, they are recommended for purchase.

    TNL Professional gel varnishes technology in the video below.

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