Vivienne Sabo gel lacquer: assortment and quality

Vivienne Sabo gel lacquer: assortment and quality

French Cosmetic Company Vivienne Sabo has released a new generation nail polish series Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier. A distinctive feature of this series is a gel effect at home, comparable with nail design salons.

The history of the creation of a cosmetic company

The reliable history of the French girl Vivien Sabo became inspiration for creating a cosmetic firm. Frenchwoman was a chemist and dreamed of creating with his beloved production for the production of cosmetics. She recorded all his experiments in the diary. But the dreams were not destined to come true because of the World War II began. Her beloved died, and she disappeared without a trace. Her diaries remained, which formed the basis of many technologies for the production of cosmetics, and the name of the girl appeared in the name of the firm.

Nail Atelier

The collection of varnishes of this series is represented by 44 shades, including the pearl and sparkles. Color gamut from transparent to black. Any fashionista will choose from the manifold of the presented palette with the desired texture and kel for any case: work in the office, everyday life, business meeting, parties, dinner, relaxation.

Varnishes of this line differ in volume, glitter, smoothness. This makes them similar to shellak coatings. Without the use of a special lamp for drying and visiting the Nail Design Salon at home for small means, a professional result can be achieved.

Due to its composition, the manicure is longer preserved unlike ordinary varnish. Easy to remove any liquid to remove varnish.

Positive sides of products

Thanks to its qualities, Varnish has proven itself in the market and Popular in the female population for many reasons.

  1. Dries quickly because the composition contains acrylic resins. For drying does not need a special lamp.
  2. Varnish has a glossy surface, so it looks like a professional gel.
  3. Simple removal of the usual nail fluid.
  4. A large color palette allows you to choose any case.
  5. Pretty thick lacquer consistency allows smooth layer on nails.
  6. Does not contain toluene and formaldehyde, so there is no aggressive impact on the nail.
  7. Long persists on the nail plate (up to 7-8 days). Superior to its qualities ordinary varnish.
  8. Budget product that can be bought in large supermarkets and cosmetic stores.


Application of gel varnish is simple, which is explained by the presence of a comfortable brush. It is long, wide, flattened, to the edge rounded. In some rules, the means of brush cut off the paintery, which makes it easier. Cap is easy to hold in hand. Beautiful design.

The consistency of the means is moderately liquid, the nail is distributed evenly. Covers the nail plate easily, exactly, in one touch. If a second layer is required, it is necessary to wait 50-60 seconds necessary for graze the first.

Transparent types of varnishes require several coatings, because they are very shone. Matte bright options in the first layer leave divorces and ribs. So one more coverage is just necessary.

For inexperienced women, the application of several layers can cause some difficulties. But if the layers are thin, then the lacquer will dry out for counting seconds and therefore, under the brush, the following strokes do not roll, do not smear.

To secure, preserve color and gloss The manufacturer offers top coverage Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier. It is applied to any color varnish. It guarantees a smooth, smooth surface. Protects from cracking and chipping, extends a manicure resistance.

It is removed by the usual lacquer. Watted, moistened in the liquid, is applied for 30 seconds to each nail. The substance dissolves gel varnish quickly, not leaving traces of pigmentation of coloring substances.

After that, it is recommended to wash your hands and make a mask of oil or a fat cream.

After using gel varnish does not change the color, the state of the nail plate, does not cause stuffing, dryness, pigmentation. Women with subtle, pawing nails will protect against possible damage or fragility.

With a frequent contact of the hands with water after manicure, it is recommended to use household gloves to extend the action of varnish.


Many weak floor representatives are used by this product due to the available price category. They like a comfortable brush and ease of varnish. Women note that hands look well-keeled to 1 week, there is no cracking and chips, unlike ordinary varnishes, when the lacquer is already on the third day.

The large positive quality of this product is rapid drying outdoors, especially if the varnish is applied in one layer. When using this, the nail tool does not need to apply a special lamp, as in the cabin when drying gel.

Bright color palette, fashionable design of the bottle and packaging are an additional positive quality of this cosmetic agent.

To reduce the chipping and extension of the Women’s coating service, use the additional product Vivienne Sabo Nail Atelier. It is applied over the gel varnish and gives additional protection and a flat surface.

Of the minuses of this product, the drying time is marked. Between the application of the next layer you need to wait for more than 40 seconds. If the tool does not dry, the next coating is lubricated. We will have to overdo it.

About what gel lacquer is better, look in the following video.

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