Vogue Nails gel lacquer: features and variety of shades

Vogue Nails gel lacquer: features and variety of shades

Vogue Nails appeared on the manufacturers of manicure products relatively recently. But in just a few years of existence, she has already managed to gain their permanent customer database, every year attracting new. This is due to the fact that the domestic brand produces products of excellent quality at quite affordable prices. This article will describe in detail about the peculiarities of the gel varnishes of this brand and related materials, the advantages and disadvantages of nails will be indicated, and feedback from non-industrial professionals and simply lovers of high-quality manicure at home.

About brand

Brand with an attractive name Vogue Nails – Russian. His motto says: Manicure is not just a banal job, and the present hobby. That is why the brand creators decided to embody gel lacquers for nails, with which it will be comfortable and pleasant to work. To date, more than 150 different shades of gel varnishes and related materials are presented in the range of the brand and the accompanying materials that the masters of nail art work. Moreover, annually brand specialists produce new, improved varnishes with all sorts of textures.

Select your version will be able to the most arrogant representative of the beautiful floor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vogue Nails varnishes – this is an excellent price and quality ratio. The average price for the product is only 350 rubles, but there are options and cheaper. The company very often offers discounts, thanks to which it is advantageous to purchase the necessary funds.

And now we will consider more detail the pros and cons of this product.

  • All brand products do not contain any harmful ingredients in their composition, which means that they are completely safe for the nail plate.
  • A large selection of colors, shades and textures allows you to implement any design.
  • Textures of varnishes are very convenient in application. They are pretty dense, do not flow during application and do not leave the drills after the procedure. Sometimes it can be enough and one layer to get perfectly smooth coating.
  • Vogue Nails gel varnishes are incredibly persistent, they may well compete with expensive foreign counterparts.
  • Masters also attracts and acceptable price of varnishes. Many professionals and lovers can calmly buy a whole collection that will not hit the budget.

As for the shortcomings, they are insignificant And, rather, they should be considered features to which you just need and can be used to get used.

  • So, the brand gel varnishes are not the most comfortable brushes: they are a little thinner that more popular firms are manufactured. Many masters with them are not very convenient to work, although this does not mean that they refuse brand products.
  • Also, the small amount of varnishes can also be attributed to the small minuses, which is only 10 ml. But on the other hand, it may be plus, because the varnish can be spent earlier than it will deteriorate.

Color palette

In the range of companies you can find a huge number of shades that are located for convenience in various collections. In general, in the colors palette and delicate, nose shades and bright – for every taste and color. Pick up your will not make any difficulty. Consider the main collections of gel varnishes, which may be able to interest you.

  • PREMIUM COLLECTION (Collection with a limited edition, including about 50 trendy and calm shades). Here you can find all sorts of varnishes from nude and chocolate, finishing bright red, burgundy, purple and gentle pink.

  • In the collection Barbie Style presented gentle varnishes with original names. We recommend to pay your attention to the “capricious beauty”, “fashionable piece” and “elegant doll”.

  • Lovers of all bright worth looking at the collection “In the rhythm of dance”, In which only 9 bright colors of gel varnishes are represented. Particularly considered “ballet”, “Tango” and “Samba”. Colors are mainly represented by red shades, but there are several purple.

  • Assortment Brand has stained glass varnishes of various colors.

  • Red, burgundy and scarlet shades are presented in the series “Taste of wine”. Varnishes “Marsala” and “Abrau Durso” are particularly popular.

  • Brilliant varnishes should be sought in collections “Magic Night” and “Girlish”. It is especially worth noticeing for the options with the gold “Lioness”, “Tusovers” and “Tigress”.

  • Gel varnishes to create effect on nails “Feline eye” It is worth looking for a “precious casket” collections, “Cosmos” and “Mysterious Cosmos”. Especially original “Evening Topaz”, “Magic Amethyst” and “Noble Emerald”, as well as other options, for example, Mercury, dedicated to the luxurious radiance of stones and planets.

  • In the series “Zodiac signs” You can choose gel varnish with a shade corresponding to a specific sign. In the “Beauty Competition” series, modern varnishes are presented, which can be an excellent solution for creating a bright festive manicure.

  • Collection with title “Coffee break” will be able to please the “delicious” names of gel varnishes and interesting, win-win flowers for every day. Almost all shades are withstands in nude, chocolate and dairy gamme. They are ideal for casual onions.
  • Also worth seeking and to the collection of gel varnishes “Nightpati”. Here are the most fashionable and juicy shades with catchy names. Great option for fashion parties.

  • Collection “Autumn in New York” will please the amateurs of calm shades on the nails.
  • Lucky with sparkles are presented in the series “Shards”, And pearl – in the collection “Pearls”.

Other thematic collections can be found in the brand’s assortment, for example, “Valentine’s Day”, the highlight of which is considered Love Recognition. Not bad shade “Women’s Mystery” from the “Classic” series. But lovers of nude tones should pay attention to the shade “Watermelon Fresh”. Ladies that prefer saturated shades should be closed to the “sapphire pendant”, “frosty pattern” and “constellation”.

All other collections can be viewed on the official website of the company and in proven suppliers that implement the original products of this brand.

Application and Removal Rules

Performing a manicure, many ladies make banal mistakes that can be avoided, so further consider the basic rules for applying and removing gel varnishes on the classical example, as well as get acquainted with other important moments that can be useful in the design of nails.

Immediately I would like to note that in the UV lamp lacquers need to be dried about 2 minutes, and in LED enough and 30 seconds.

Consider the phased process of applying gel varnish on the nails and their preliminary training.

  • Pre-washed and dried nails should be cleaned, move the cuticle with an orange stick and remove it with the help of bodies. It is very important to work with sterile tools, even at home. Also, nails must be written, aligning the length and adjusting the form.
  • Next, you should slightly cut the surface of the nails using a non-rigid file and the baff.
  • At the next stage it is necessary to degrease the nails. This is usually done by a special tool, but you can use and absolutely any, the composition of which has alcohol.

  • Then nails can be started to cover the database. The layer should be as thin and neat. Do not forget about sealing nails on the tips. Then go dry. Its duration depends on the power of the lamp.
  • After drying the basic coating, you can start using color varnish. It must be applied carefully, starting with the middle of the nail, fully covered with the plate, maximizing the cuticle. Free edge should also be sealed with color.
  • After drying the first layer, if desired, you can apply the second.
  • Then you should cover your nails top. It is very important to do it as gently as to apply the database. After drying, the sticky layer from the nails can be removed even with a liquid for removing the varnish.

Manicure is ready. If all stages were performed slowly and conscience, the manicure will delight for a long time. But what to do with removal? In general, this process is not so time-consuming, as it seems. To remove gel from the nails, they must be wrapped in cotton wool impregnated with special liquid, and wrap in conventional foil. You can also use varnish fluid. Thus, the gel varnish softening, and it can be easily removed from the nails, fashioning the orange stick.

In the salons, it is often spilled with gel varnish from the nails, but at home is diligently to sharpen the nail plate with the first falling pails. You can only harm the nails and make them more brittle.


Most of the masters and lovers positively responds about the varnishes of this domestic brand. They confirm that the consistency of gel varnishes is dense, they do not flow, moreover, the production has no strong and unpleasant odor. The biggest plus is also available prices that allow you to purchase a qualitative and original product without much damage to the budget. Almost all masters put 4 or 5 stars out of 5 products brand Vogue Nails, recommending it to its colleagues. Particularly relevant brand products for beginner masters, who still can not spend money on more expensive options.

Summing up, we can safely say that gel varnishes from the Vogue Nails brand are already tested by time and do not need advertising, because they write exceptionally good reviews.

About how to properly apply a gel varnish Vogue Nails, see the following video.

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