We choose a liquid for removing gel varnish and Shellaka Severina

We choose a liquid for removing gel varnish and Shellaka Severina

The appearance of persistent nail coatings of the shellac type produced a real revolution in manicure. Many women preferred to make manicure and pedicure using budget versions of gel varnishes at home. Such a coating is last saved in excellent condition. However, it requires more strength and time to remove.

How to choose?

All means for removing gel lacquer have such unchanged components in their composition as acetone, ethyl acetate and solvent. All these solvents damage the nail. He begins to settle, break and swell. Isopropyl alcohol, often coming in these means, is very drying to nail. To reduce the poor action of composite components, manufacturers add substances to their products that moisturize, soften, nourish and strengthen nails.

Important! Preferring precisely those products for removing persistent coatings, in which there are vegetable extracts, oils, vitamins, glycerin and vaseline.

When buying a shellac removal fluid, follow the following principles:

  • Carefully read the composition of the product, pay attention to the content of harmful and useful components in it+
  • Give preference to those manufacturers who specialize in the manufacture of products for manicure and hand care+
  • Before buying, find out how this remedy is used, you may need additional tools+
  • The duration of the liquid is a very important characteristic + high-quality gel lacquer remover acts at no more than seven minutes.

Approach the gel lacquer’s removal process at home carefully. Incorrectly chosen tool may adversely affect nail health. Ideally, it is better to entrust this process to manicure craftsmen. It will help to avoid many nails problems.


Severina liquid is an alternative way of removing persistent nail coatings. It is made by the Russian company specializing in manufacturing products for the manicure industry. The central office of the company is located in Moscow. Visually a jar of funds similar to the usual acetone-containing agent. Lightly pink or blue transparent liquid can be purchased in small bottles. The design of the capacitance is laconic, there are no stickers on it.

All important information printed in red or blue on the bottle itself. Here you can find instruction, precautions and product composition.

Severina gel lacquer removal is equipped with a thin nose-dispenser that is very convenient in use. The dispenser can be removed if necessary. Some bottles have a protective from spilling a pump. This form of sale funds is the most comfortable and practical in use. Severina fluid easily and quickly removes any resistant coating, while not damaging the nail plate. This remedy is not intended for extensive nails, as well as for nails made on Tips. It is impossible to apply it on plastic products.

The instructions of the product describes in detail the process of using the product, namely:

  1. Pre-spire the upper coating layer suitable for filling stiffness+
  2. Prepare ten cotton disks + Cut foil into small rectangles+
  3. Moisten a cotton disk to the tool, put it on the nail and firmly fix the foil+
  4. Hold the liquid 10 minutes+
  5. Using a wooden stick, remove the surfaces of the coating, after removing foil and discs.

Customer Reviews

Understand the quality of the product very problematic. They are so controversial that they are lost in guess who believe. On the Internet you can find reviews of satisfied and angry on the quality of the product of users. Some buyers argue about the pleasant smell of fluid. They catch the light fragrance of roses. Others leave feedback on sharp and unpleasant, but still tolerant smell. Third people say that without a mask working with the product is simply impossible. The aroma is so eater that annoying eyes, nose and causes vomit. However, the low price of the product compensates flaws of flavor.

There are negative toxic reviews Means for removing gel lacquer severina. It corps the skin when contacting, causing terrible irritation. On the Internet you can find several reviews with photos “to” and “after” product application. In the pictures where the nails are depicted after use, notes and the skin around them are in a terrible state. Very clearly can be seen as a liquid damaged the olock rollers. It remains only to guess what the nails hurt so: the remedy itself or the incorrect application.

In turn, other customer feedback notes do not cease to pick up severina removal fluid. Girls prove that in comparison with other means, Severina is a very delicate product. It absolutely does not cause burning, not dried and does not damage the skin. In full compliance with the instruction quickly softens the gel varnish, making it loose. Brilliant coatings and manicures with a variety of design can also be removed easily and easily.

Part of the reviews that the remedy is bad softening gel varnish and shellac. After the coating means it is very difficult to remove with an orange stick, which hurts the nail. Have to apply a liquid re-. The manufacturer claims that the reason is likely to be that the upper finish coating was not filmed.

If the severina means is very dry and the skin is very dry, the manufacturer recommends using a nutrient oil after removing the gel varnish, and the nails are covered with restoring varnish.

Buyers respond about the cost-effectiveness. For a month enough one bottle. Liquid easily dose. It takes very little to remove the gel varnish. A thoughtful bottle design prevents the evaporation and transfusion of the Severina product. Is it worth using a severina gel lacquer with removal – a personal matter of every girl. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions in compliance with security measures, as well as not to use rough methods, if the product did not affect that very worsens the health and appearance of the nails.

On how to shoot gel varnish and shellac with Severina liquid, see the following video.

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