We select a manicure under a blue dress

We select a manicure under a blue dress

Self-blue dress is an excellent option for evening walk in summer or late spring. A similar piece of wardrobe should be properly combined not only with accessories, but also with a manicure, because it is he who gives the image a highlight. This article should consider the color combinations of a manicure under a blue dress, as well as interesting design options.

Color combinations

Blue hue is perfectly combined with other colors. It is recommended to apply the tone to short nails, as it looks better. All shades of blue and blue are suitable, they can be painted solo or combine with each other. An excellent option will be white, beige and dairy colors, which will give the way tenderness and fit into the tone accessories. Sleeper blue dress is often complemented by pastel shades of pink, mint, purple or canary.

It is not recommended to apply dark or too bright varnishes under such an outfit. Eggplant, brown, cherry, scarlet, orange and other screaming tones should be left for another image. Important! If open shoes, manicure and pedicure should be the same.



To whom will go?

Blue dress perfectly suitable girls with blond hair. Blonde with blue eyes in the dress of similar color always attracts the views of others. The gentle-blue shade will emphasize the advantages of this color, the main thing is to choose the right style on the figure. Brunettes can wear an outfit of a more dark tone, which emphasizes a bright appearance. White or beige shoes and small clutches of blue or white color are used as accessories.

Blue dress allowed black shoes. Supplement the outfit can be a strap that emphasizes the waist and make a figure more feminine.

Beautiful ideas

There are a large number of manicure options under a blue dress. In addition to varnish, you can add a variety of decorations in the form of glitter, rhinestones, decorative strips or special figures provided for nail design. Modern fashion does not know the borders in fantasy and admits experiments with a way.

However, it is not necessary too removing with manicure decorations for a gentle dress, because the main thing in the summer image – lightness and ease.

It is worth considering several stylish manicure ideas.

  • Ombre. Such a manicure is very popular and will harmoniously look at the nails of any length. The first layer should be applied a transparent foundation to make a drawing of Löhn. Next, a small piece of sponge is painted in the right colors and applied to the nail. The desired design itself will postpone.Ombrie happens another species, the peculiarity of which is in the transition from a darker color to light not on one nail, but on different. For example, a little finger is painted in a rich blue tint, unnamed – in a brighter tone, medium – in blue, index – in the cornflower, and large – in white. Thus, the transition effect is created, which looks great with any outfit depending on the selected color.

For a blue dress, the transition from blue to cornflower, from a gentle pink or any other pastel tone to white, from a lilac to the blue.

  • Matt manicure is a real season trend. It looks expensive and noble. To get this texture, you should use the matte top or simply hold the painted nails above the hot steam. For a few seconds glossy shine will be replaced by matte.

  • Monochrom. Monochrome design the simplest in execution. Just lubricate the nail plate with the desired color and give a lacquer dry.

  • Selection. The peculiarity of this option is to highlight one or two fingers to choose from another color. For example, four nails can be painted in blue, and Unnamed – in white. It looks very beautiful to the isolation of the nameless finger with glitter. Four pink nail and one with gold glitters perfectly complement the dress of cornflower. Another option will be a rich blue manicure with a white layer on the index finger and the Mizior.

  • Franch. French manicure in fashion for many years and does not pass positions. The classic combination of nude and white is perfect for any outfit. You can experiment a bit, replacing white blue or lilac. Or make French in cornflower and pink tones. You can diversify the classics of monochrome or matte texture.

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