Wedding manicure Shellak

Wedding manicure Shellak

Wedding is considered the most beautiful and exciting event in the life of every girl. Therefore, on this day, the bride should look perfect. An excellent addition to the image of the newlywed will be the wedding manicure shellac – a solid, durable, durable, and allows you to create any design both on short and long nails.


Today, representatives of beautiful sex has become much easier to maintain the well-groomed hands, as the cosmetic market is represented by a huge selection of coatings and decorative elements. The ladies who plan to visit the role of brides, stylists recommend using shellac for manicure, because this material will provide marks a long femininity effect. Before you choose the appropriate design for a wedding manicure, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Practicality and convenience+
  • Combination of the color palette with the rest of the decor+
  • Latest fashion trends+
  • Length of nail plates.

Design options

This year, the following options for wedding Neil Art are greatly popular with the bride.

Classic Frenc

The gentle combination of the pink base with a white strip will not leave anyone indifferent. Such a design favorably emphasizes the elegance of young beauties and perfectly complements the image with a ring and white dress. If desired, the French manicure can be supplemented with a bright accent, it is best to place it on a nameless finger. To do this, the shellac coating decorate patterns laid out of pebbles and rhinestones.

Exquisite lace

Is an easy and sophisticated Neil Art, which is interesting looks on a white lace dresses background. To make such a design, plates are covered with shellac in nude shades and paint patterns in the form of lace. They will indicate romanticism and naturalness in the image of a girl. The only thing that such design looks good only on long marigolds.

Shellac with Leping

Brides whose wide nail records, masters advise to use acrylic modeling in manicure, she is applied to shellak coating. Thanks to properly selected colors and curly elements, the marigold will be removed visually and the handles will look amazing. Most often for wedding stylistics apply a modeling in flower motifs.

Rhinestones and glitters

The glitter of the wedding rings looks unusual on the background of the coating, covered with small crystallines. For the decor it is best to apply the stones of Swarovski or rhinestones with a diamond overflow. In the event that the bride has a pearl necklace, then rhinestones can be replaced with pearl stones.


Florist is considered a win-win option in the wedding manicure. Present decoration for marigolds will be drawings of colors. For their design, nude shades and the rubber coating of Shellac are allowed. To give the design of bright notes, you can apply catchy paints on one of the fingers.

Despite the chic selection of nail design, the bride is still preferred to make a wedding manicure of nonsense, monophonic, and without unnecessary decor. This execution uses a glossy shellac.

How to do?

To create a wedding manicure at home, french fits well, as it can be done on any shape and length of the plates. In addition, this design is perfectly combined with outfits of a different style. To independently arrange the French manicure, it is necessary to comply with the following steps.

  • First of all, the nobes must be carefully cut, and they give the chosen shape. Then the surface of the plates polished and degrease.
  • When the nails are prepared and cleaned, they are covered with a base, then with color shellac, and dried in UV lamp.
  • After that, the most responsible moment begins – drawing a “smile” line. This can be done both with a thin brush and using special stencils. The last option is recommended for beginners who do not have skills in drawing. During stagnation of stencils, it is important to ensure that they fit tightly to the surface, special attention is also paid to painting of the free edge. If the “smile” is drawn with a tassel, then it is necessary to retreat from the edge of the nogot for several millimeters.
  • Completes the procedure for applying a top one to dry under the lamp. Addiction to the manicure will help decor rhinestones. They can be decorate as all the marigolds and only one.

In addition, at home, you can create no less interesting manicure on short nails, in which pastel-pink and white shellac will be combined. What to dilute the monotony of design, the marigold must be decorated with rhinestones and patterns with translation stickers. It seems that it looks like.

  • First of all, nails are preparing for work, for this they are written them, adjust the shape and remove the cuticle. Next, the plates are degreased and slightly grinding the saw. Due to this, it will be possible to get rid of the burdown layer and improve grip with shellac. After that, apply to each nail primer and perform drying in the lamp.
  • Then with a brush thin layer of shellaca cover plates. After grazeing the first layer, the second is applied and repeated drying. On the nameless finger, the decor is drawn up in the form of two-color coating and rhinestones.
  • At the end, a sticky layer is removed and a sticker is transferred to the middle finger, pre-cut on the form of a nogot. Everything is fixed with the finish coating and dried a few seconds under the lamp.

About how to make a wedding manicure shellac, look in the following video.

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