Wedding manicure with gel varnish

Wedding manicure with gel varnish

One of the most important events in the life of each girl is the day of her marriage. In this wonderful day everything should be perfect. No detail remains without attention: whether it is a form of napkins or a color of the groom’s tie. By drawing up their image of the bride, each girl comes up to this with a special care, paying attention to each component – style and color of the dress, veil, hairstyle, makeup, manicure. The role of the latter is no less important than the rest, because on this day the hands of the bride always in sight, since her finger will decorate the cherished wedding ring, which will want to see all invited.

Due to the rapid development of the beauty industry, even the most brave and unusual fantasies of nail design can be embodied. And thanks to the high quality of modern materials and equipment (gel varnishes, LED lamps, electric machines for manicure and so on), such a manicure will last not only the whole wedding, but also a wedding trip. A certain style for a wedding manicure does not exist, since now there are a huge amount. But everyone has one general – this is a combination of gentle shades.

French manicure

A classic manicure is French, who is still popular among brides. This is not surprising, because it is such a manicure perfectly combined with absolutely in any way, suitable for any shape and length of the nail plate. It can be supplemented with some decorative elements, for example, rhinestones. They can be postponed both on one nail, fully covering it with them, and on each of the nails, lay a strip of stones under the Franch line. In general, design decoration options are limited only by the fantasy of the wizard or client. In addition to rhinestones, the French manicure combines with flowers and patterns.

There are options when the nails decorate in the manicure separately by any one ornament – either by rhinestones or sparkles or wip. But you can simultaneously combine in the design of one finger several decorative elements at once. The main thing is not to overdo it in order not to make a manicure too “heavy” in the wedding image.

Lace manicure

Quite often in the wedding dress, the lace is used, which gives tenderness and ease of image. And it loves to use in the nail design. There are a lot of techniques with which you can play on the nails. This element. The easiest is ready-made stickers that are easily pasted on the nail and hold for quite a long time. Plus them in the fact that they always look perfectly even even with small drawing.

If the master draws well, then you can draw lace with a brush, But such a work is very painstaking and takes a lot of time. True, the result is worth. Many use ready-made stencils, but they need to be able to work with them, as they are very fragile and easy to spoil them. Whatever option is chosen, it can be supplemented with stones or sparkles, which will make it even more shining and rich.

Painted manicure

There is a bride category, which likes complex drawings on the nails. Most, of course, choose soft light shades and light uncomplicated patterns. One like ordinary ornamental drawings (flowers, butterflies, bows, birds), others love original options (wedding elements – groom with bride, bouquet, dress, shoes). But those who love unusual paintings on the nails should remember that all the nails cannot overload with the drawings in no case, as it looks rough and excessively.

Decorative modeling on nails

Such a manicure is suitable for girls with long nails, because on short modeling will not look. It always looks gorgeous and very feminine, but it requires a large amount of time. If you still decided on the modeling, be prepared to sit at the master for more than two hours, but the result will certainly please. It should be noted that this design version is not always convenient in everyday life, because the volumetric pattern may interfere with certain home affairs.

More color

Recently, in the trend it began to combine light shade in the wedding decoration with some bright color. For example, white with purple, white with red, milk with burgundy. These two colors are combined in everything – in the dress of the bride, the suit of the groom, the boutonnieres of the bride’s girlfriends and the ties of witnesses from the bridegroom, the decorations of the hall, even in the wedding cake. And manicure in this situation is most often chosen in the same color scheme. However, it is not necessary to cover all the nails with one color of the gel varnish, you can combine it with a light shade and decorate with some elements.

Moon manicure

Popular today is the lunar manicure, in which the lunar nail zone is decorated in any way. It can be isolated by color or decorations. For example, lay out stones or sequins on the well. Alternatively, make up the whole nail, except for the lunar zone, combining color with patterns or various geometric ornaments. Such a manicure looks stylish, but at the same time very gentle. And after the wedding, he will be appropriate to look in everyday life.

Manicure, turning into Mehendi

One of the most popular trends in the wedding manicure is the combination of nail design with painting on the hands of the bride. Such a painting is called mehendi and is traditional in India. It not only looks very beautiful, but also has a ritual meaning – absorbs the whole negative energy and bad evil eye. Now this drawing girl is applied not only for the wedding, but also in everyday life.

For the wedding ceremony make pictures with white or light beige, imitating the pattern like on gloves. Most often masters for manicure and for applying Mehendi – Different people, but their work should be organically connected to each other so that the painting on the hands was a harmonious continuation of the drawing applied to the nails. For this, the bride should think in advance drawing and clearly explain to each of the masters their task. Starting standing Master Manicure, whose work logically will continue the artist.

As for the shape of the nails, it is an individual choice of every girl. Many brides are trying to grow nails to the wedding to make them a beautiful design, but there is a huge number of interesting wedding manicure ideas for short nails. Those who do not know what kind of themselves choose, you should know the following:

  • Those who have short nails should be sharpened, as it will make them similar to “paws of chickens”+
  • girls who have a wide plate wide, not to do sharp nails+
  • Those who have a nail inquiry to twist, better to give preference to short nails of the square shape+
  • Girls with narrow nails, you can choose any shape, but square and almond-shaped are found on short.

The choice of nail design, of course, is very important, but whatever the manicure is chosen, the main thing is that the nails are well-groomed, and the bride is satisfied.

How to make a wedding manicure with a gel varnish, look in the following video.

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