What is the difference between gel varnish and shellac?

What is the difference between gel varnish and shellac?

Many girls enjoy both gel varnish and shellac, but they definitely cannot answer the question than they differ from each other. In fact, these covers are very different, and in order to choose them, you need to know what their differences are. This will be spent now.

Characteristics of coatings

Gel lacquer is an innovative decorative agent that is used to obtain a resistant manicure. This coating is fixed on the nail using an ultraviolet lamp, which ensures the solidification of the composition.

So that the gel varnish is firmly engaged in the nail plate, such two main procedures are needed as:

  • Spilization of the top layer of the nail+
  • Pre-coating with a special means – primer.

The composition of the gel varnish includes the following components:

  • Polymer connection solidifying under the influence of UV rays+
  • photoinitiator – catcher of the same rays+
  • Diluents – participate in the formation of the required consistency+
  • Pigment, giving the desired lacquer+
  • Additional additives – range from a particular manufacturer and the necessary effect (gloss, texture).

Important! Manicure made by gel varnish, keeps two to three weeks. It looks flawless: the initial shine and radiance remains. The only problem is the resulting parts of the nail plate.

Shellac is different from gel. He absorbed the properties of both ordinary varnish and gel. It is still more close to the traditional lacquer, but the coating fortress is significantly better. It does not require applying primer, you can do with one degreaser. Dry coverage also under ultraviolet rays with a special lamp. Generally, Shellac is a CND. It was she who patented his work, and later attempts have already appeared to copy this tool. So it turned out gel varnishes.

Shellac exists in three types: single-phase, two-phase and three-phase. Accordingly, these options differ in applied: one coating combines the base, the main varnish and top, two-phase – contains the base along with the color coating, but requires top. And three-phase option needs separately in the database and top. In its composition, shellac contains the same substances as gel varnish, but with one difference. All ingredients in its composition were a thorough test and mass of studies, thanks to which scientists brought a special hypoallergenic formula.

Shellac can safely be used for the most sensitive girls. Many believe that the shellac has the same resin, but this is an absolute untruth. Apparently, manufacturers simply took the name in order to emphasize the reliability and harmlessness of their decorative nails.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like each drug in the beauty industry, gel lacquer and shellac have their pros and cons who influence the choice in favor of this or that cover. To pick up the optimal solution, you need to thoroughly explore all the advantages and disadvantages of these decorative nail coatings. The only thing that can be outlined literally immediately: both gel varnish, and shellac can not be made at home without special tools. But the durability of the coating is still justified.

The advantages of gel varnish are manifested in the following:

  • Make such a manicure can be pretty quickly, literally 2-3 hours and the resistant coating for two or three weeks will be obtained+
  • Thin and fragile nails are protected from external damage under such a coating+
  • Rich palette of shades and spectacular opportunities+
  • Fast drying under a special lamp+
  • Low value of the procedure+
  • Flakes are sold most often in a large amount+
  • You can easily correct the correction as the nail is growing, that is, to remove and make a new coating every time.

The advantages of the shellac are the following:

  • Easy to apply due to not so dense consistency+
  • no need to disrupt the integrity of the nail plate before applying, the nail does not deteriorate, and therefore there is no damage to the body+
  • Hypoallergenic composition – Shellac does not harm health, almost all components are natural+
  • No smell+
  • very wide selection of colors+
  • Does not need primer, fastening varnish and nail surface+
  • Manicure can be easily removed using a special fluid+
  • Durable manicure.

Advantages in both types of funds are really serious. They make it difficult to choose, as it seems that both of these funds are very good. To still find out what varnish is better, it is necessary to consider and their essential flaws.

Gel lacquer has the following minuses:

  • Before applying, the nail plate is seriously damaged by grinding it+
  • It is difficult to fulfill such a manicure at home or will have to buy the entire expensive arsenal for such a procedure: lamp, varnish itself, primer, degreaser, top+
  • It is possible to allergic to the components contained in the composition+
  • There is an unpleasant smell during procedure+
  • UV lamp is a device with unproven harm + Many believe that excess ultraviolet radiation can provoke scary diseases+
  • You can’t wear such a manicure constantly, otherwise the nails will suffer too seriously+
  • You can not remove the usual tool, you have to warm up the gel varnish under the foil, and then consider special chopsticks.

Shellac has such disadvantages as:

  • High cost relative to gel+
  • There is a danger of nail drying with numerous shellac application procedures+
  • less keeps (about 2 weeks)+
  • high likely to run into the fake (on the original bottles there is always a protective hologram)+
  • It is advisable to contact the salon for the procedure or buy from scratch all the equipment+
  • Shellac bottles usually have a rather low capacity+
  • It’s pretty difficult to find shellats on sale, especially the original company+
  • Shellac is larger than other coatings subject to the formation of cracks due to the aggressive external environment and temperature drops+
  • It is impossible to perform a correction, when the nail plate is growing, you need to make a manicure re-removing the old layer.

The difference between designer decisions

Despite the fact that both funds are very popular, but Shellac is still much more expensive. Therefore, its manufacturers are mainly produced by a universal color palette that comes to any case. But the colors of this agent are more saturated, since they have a large concentration of pigment. Gel lacas has a greater variety of colors and respectively possible design. Manicure with it can be made the most brave and fantasy.

For lovers of natural neutral manicure, shellac is still better, as the coating made with it can be done with the minimum thickness. A good master will be able to perform a beautiful manicure and gel lacquer, and a shellac, so there is a particularly strong, affecting the choice of difference in design methods and the colors. In addition, both coverages with a special base can be glued with glitters, rhinestones and other decorations.

What to choose what is better?

To begin with, it is necessary to determine how much you need to meet for the creation of manicure. Gel varnishes allow you to make a resistant, beautiful and very budget coating. But with his definite minuses, as already mentioned. Shellac stands at times more expensive, it can not be corrected, but it is almost safe for health and allows you to make a resistant manicure even pregnant girls.

Gel Lucky firmly occupied their niche in the Neil Art Industry. The market has a huge abundance of both firms and shades. Therefore, you should not stop on them, as you choose such a means very easy to choose.

If gel varnishes are characterized by the proportionality of price and quality, then Shellac can be found more budget, but practically not inferior to the original. But still one who stands at the origins, as a rule, makes a better product. It is worth considering the products from various manufacturers.

  • Original Mark Shellac CND offers an excellent product that does not doubt. The consistency is perfect, the tassel is very comfortable, rounded, the villi will not be finished even after long-term use. With a combination of the base, top and the main coat, there is a very good resistance of such a manicure. There are all necessary research that confirmed the safety for the nail of the funds of this company. Varnish is easily removed by a special recommended tool of the same company and does not require spill. Shellac CND has the most dense structure. Just just two layers for perfect coverage.

  • More budget Brand Kodi will not last on the nails as long as a long period of time. The brush is very hard, which makes it difficult to perform a manicure: it is almost impossible to distribute a smooth thin layer of varnish. The base of this company has medium quality, but recently released a special rubber basis, which in the idea should increase the resistance of the manicure. Mark Kodi uses about 400 shades of shellac in his arsenal, there is even a “cat’s eye”. The texture of the brand is not very dense, but not quite liquid. The unsuccessful shades were yellow and orange, which can be infinitely applied to the nail plate, but the proper overlap of natural color will not work.

  • BlueSky – also inexpensive brand. It has in contrast to KODI a very soft fluffy brush, which also negatively affects the coating. The fact is that the tassels of this type are gaining a large amount of means and interfere with the distribution of it on the surface of the nail plate. Therefore, it is difficult to put the lacquer, pre-not pressing the brush. Everything else, the consistency of the means leaves much to be desired. In addition, the database of the main varnish can penetrate the base of this company and paint natural nail. Studella Bluesky is holding even less – about ten days, no more. But the main advantage of this budget brand is a very rich palette – 600 colors, which includes most modern fashion shades and textures.

Important! The choice of funds for durable manicure is behind his future hostess. However, shellac is considered safer for health, and this is one of the most important factors in his favor.

Difference in application

Despite the fact that both means are similar on the technology of application, there are some subtleties and differences. It is worth dealt with how to apply gel varnish according to the correct technology, which looks like this:

  • You must perform nail care: give them the desired shape, remove the abnormal part of the cuticle, cut the burrs and go through the nail file for better clutch of the layer+
  • Then you need to degrease the prepared surface and cover it with the basis (primer)+
  • Secure the basis with ultraviolet lamp+
  • Apply the main color in several layers, then the finishing layer, all in turns are fixed in the UV lamp+
  • Remove a special tool and napkin upper sticky layer.

Here is the technology when applying gel lacquer must be observed to achieve high-quality coverage.

Shellac is applied like a similar way, but somewhat different, namely:

  • Need to make manicure+
  • Apply a degreaser and dehydrator to the nails so that the nail surface becomes flawlessly clean+
  • Apply the basic layer and dry it under the lamp+
  • Apply a colored layer, each of which is also processed under the lamp+
  • Finish manicure follows top coverage, also dried in UV lamp+
  • Then you need to remove the sticky layer using a special fabric that does not have a pile.

Important! As a result, the main difference in the technology of application of shellac and gel lacquer is the lack of the first type of manicure spilization of the top of the nail plate.

Differences in removal of funds

Even the most resistant manicure must be removed sooner or later. Dermatologists do not advise at all to wear a coating longer than seven days to give to breathe nail. Gel lacquer and shellac differ in the ways to remove the coating. Step by step to remove the gel varnish as follows:

  • stick with a special saw cover+
  • wet tampons in varnish removal fluid+
  • attach these tampons to the nail and wrap on top of the foil, leave for 10-12 minutes+
  • As a result of previous procedures, the gel varnish softens so much that it is very easy to remove a special wand.

In addition to this combination method, gel varnish is sometimes completely removed only mechanically. That is, they use special nail power stakes or hand abrasives and destroy to the end decorative coating.

Both of these methods of removing gel varnish do not very well affect the surface of the nail plate. In the first case, the prolonged exposure of solvents is dried with nail, and in the second – the surface is damaged by tools.

Shellac is removed somewhat differently, namely:

  • Special sponges in the shape of the nail or banal cotton swabs are impregnated with liquid to remove the shellac+
  • Each nail applied such a product and wrap a foil – it turns out like a compress for the nail plate+
  • Waiting for 15-20 minutes+
  • Remove the compress and ideally get clean nails.

Important! If the varnish is not fully shot, you can also scrape it with a stick.

There is a rather aggressive way to remove the shellac at home, which includes the following actions:

  • need to pre-cut a little top layer of coating+
  • Prepare a container with acetone+
  • Lubricate the skin around the nail with fat cream or butter+
  • Lower the tips of the fingers into the liquid so that it completely covered the nails+
  • Wait ten minutes+
  • Wear a softened shellac with a stick and remove it from the nail+
  • After an aggressive procedure, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and smear their nutrient cream, it is also desirable to use nail oil and cuticle.

Despite the fact that Shellac is removed more gentle, you need to remember that any resistant coating is not so easy to remove. Otherwise it would not be so durable. A removal with solvents and spillation uniquely negatively affect the nail plate. With each new manicure, this influence becomes only noticeable.


Girls in the question of what coating is better, divided by about two fronts. Some delighted with Shellaca because it has a flawless composition and beautiful shine. Others are talked for gel varnish, as it is much cheaper any cheaper and keeps longer. Most of the most beautiful sex representatives prefers all the same gel, as he is really more durable. Reviews say that if you wear such a manicure correctly, namely, not to expose it to aggressive funds, in the first day after applying, do not keep a long time in the water, to be neat with thermal effects, the nails will be impeccable about three weeks. Next already have to adjust them due to natural rust.

Shellac also recognize, but responds not so enthusiastic about it, since his term is limited in practice two weeks, and sometimes even ten days. Mentors of regular renewal of manicure noted that nails are spoiled from both types of varnishes almost the same. If you do not give them a break, nail plates become brittle, yellowish and risen. Many women note that perhaps they would choose a safer shellac, but then you have to make a manicure more often and pay more than more master. Therefore, on this side, shellac is inferior to the gel. In any case, it is worth trying to make both covers and choose the best varnish for yourself, since everything is individually. So, any means can be perfect one woman, and for another – it does not fit at all.

On how to properly apply and remove gel varnish and shellac, see the following video.

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