White Franch Design Ideas on Nails with Rhinestones

White Franch Design Ideas on Nails with Rhinestones

French manicure or french, as it is called for brevity, is the most popular nail coating option. It comes up to any dress code, looks great both on long and short nails, neat, does not lose sight, and reflects, gives hands a well-kept look, while it is very elegant. With such a lot of advantages there is only one drawback – it can bother, as it looks quite uniform.

History of appearance

French manicure is a pretty “adult” type of design: it was invented in 1976 in Hollywood. Its appearance is associated with the fact that actresses under each outfit had to repaint nails and wait for them to dry, and this significantly delayed the shooting process. That was then raised the question of creating a reference, universal manicure, which would be combined with any clothing. So Franch appeared, which is known today every girl.

However, the modern nail service offers a huge number of design options, including for those who would not want to change French. First, the French manicure can be performed perfectly in any combination of colors: from neutral to bright, neon. Secondly, even traditional shades of Franch can be diversified by rhinestones, sparkles, stones.

Design with rhinestones

Still retains the position of the nameless finger and the so-called tsar-nail decor), the traditional French manicure is performed on the rest of the fingers. The design on a nameless finger can be absolutely any: from vensels and flowers to marble and geometry. Sometimes it is used by a one-photon coating with the layout of the pattern from rhinestones, less often – a complex ornament where the stones perform an emphasis function.

You can perform Frenc on all ten nails, after which there is a thin strip of sequin or small pebbles along each “smile”. Popularly decorate rhinestones not every nail, but, for example, two or three on each hand. You can attach one pebble to each “smile”. Rhinestones should not necessarily be white – it can be gold, silver, scarlet or emerald stones, and even orange-opal. If you wish, there is no problem to enter them in Franch.

The main coating should not necessarily be monophonic: it is possible to make it marble or paint with vensels, while the pattern can be like one or two tons the darker of the main shade and contrast with it – it all depends on the desire.

“Smile” can be made by sparkles by covering them white varnish. The density of the coating can vary from completely opaque to a light hint. In addition to the sequin, you can use the silver “mirror” wiper and apply it to the area of ​​the free edge of the nail plate, creating a futuristic, space manicure.

Franch is perfectly combined with white, cream or gentle pink modeling, which can only be issued to nail on a nameless finger or two nail on each hand. The spectacular solution will be a combination in one design of French and lunar manicure.

Despite the preferred shades for such a design – pastel, gentle, nude, – nothing prevents the free edge bright.

Form and Length

White Franch can be performed on nails of any length and shape. It is not necessary to cut a clear square free edge – it may well be an oval shape, and a soft square, and almonds, and ballerina pointes. Moreover, the acute-war square – the form is very “dangerous”, because it is not suitable for each hands. If there is no confidence that the fingers will look good with the square edge of the nail plate, then it is better to choose a softer, rounded shape.

French manicure can be performed even on the shortest nails, The length of the free edge of which is about one millimeter. However, it should be noted that, despite the seeming simplicity of Franch, carefully fulfill it much more complicated than many intricate designs.

Any flags of execution are the asymmetry of the “smiles”, their different widths, uneven layout – immediately rushing into the eyes, because there are no other details in this design. Therefore, it is so important to choose a master who has sufficient qualifications to perform this simple (in appearance) and an elegant manicure, because it should look like a fit.

An inaccurately reduble form can turn the elegant fingers into square “shovels”, And the crookedly laid down “Smile” will give a manicure of a raid cheap. Therefore, before paying your handles to apply any type of design on them, you need to familiarize yourself with the qualifications and works of the master to which it is planned to go. If any trifle is alarming, then you should look for another artist, since only a complete mutual understanding between the client and the master will help create truly unique designs.

In the next video you are waiting for inlay rhinestones on white french.

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