Why do you need a primer for gel varnish and how to use it?

Why do you need a primer for gel varnish and how to use it?

The nail design industry does not stand still, constantly improving equipment and means for creating a spectacular manicure. To date, each of the most beautiful sex representatives can afford beautifully and stylishly decorated nails.

The extension procedure is carried out with the help of primer, the basis of which is created by the unaturable hydrody mixture.

What it is and why need?

Gel varnish primer is a means that today is necessarily used during the process of creating an extensive manicure. It is a liquid substance, whose function includes gluing natural and artificial nail plates. For sale, the remedy is packaged by containers, bottles, banks. Capacities are opaque, thanks to which the substance is not so fast. During air contact, the primers dry out. According to the consistency, primers are liquid, as well as in the form of a gel. This tool is characterized by smell neutrality. The composition includes the following components:

  • ethyl acetate+
  • 2- hydrocel eethylmaratrylate+
  • Metacrylic acid – the basis of the product, which affects its quality to carry out.

In order to increase the nails with gel varnish, the coating was characterized by homogeneity and high quality, the use of degreasers is necessary. Such manipulations contribute to the absence of peeling and lifting gel over the surface. Prime functions are such.

  • Degreasing surfaces.
  • Surfing of the surface layer of nails. In this case, the substance does not affect the inner content of the plate and its consistency.
  • Disinfection of surfaces, as well as the ability to maintain them in a healthy state.
  • Protection against deformation and delamination, which may occur with frequent use of unhetable nail coatings. Primer is an obstacle for contact between the nail and extension material.
  • Improving adhesion. During the spreading of primer, keratin scales rise, which contributes to the resistant attachment of the polymer to the nail.


Currently, you can find several types of primer on sale.

  • Acid. The composition of the substance has methacrylic acid. Its use is often happening during manicure modeling using acrylic. Applying this type of primer occurs in two layers, each should be perfectly dried.

Danger may occur when the substance is hit on the skin, the formation of burns and irritation on the skin. The use of acid primer should occur in compliance with all safety rules.

  • Beckless. This primer is the most suitable for gel modeling of nails. This substance is able to ensure the reliability of the fastening of the gel and the surface of the nail plate. The checkered primer ensures restriction from cracking and detachment of materials. Application tools should be carried out, observing accuracy, carefully tracking the lack of primer hitting the cuticle or the near-gas region.
  • Pubigar found its use when removing unnecessary liquid and fats from the surface layer of nails. This is a surface substance that cannot penetrate inside the plates, while overhanging it. This agent is not allergenic, they can be used before the start of applying ordinary varnish. This primer has the ability to combine with other similar substances, but always applied first.

How to use?

For the expected result, after working on the nails, the primer is worth using correctly, without breaking the order. Application should be implemented in stages:

  • Performing a regular hygienic type manicure+
  • The process of imparting the necessary form of nail+
  • Removal of cuticle using special purpose baff, orange stick or pumice+
  • Adjusting the natural top layer of nail using a delicate saw+
  • Dehydrate treatment for removal of adhesiveness and fat+
  • Applying a primer, it must be dialed with a small ball with the use of brushes and evenly distribute on the nail+
  • Removal of surplus primer, applying a cotton wand, which is moistened with conventional water+
  • Drying of the substance, usually the primer will dry in air 2-3 minutes, but in some cases the masters use ultraviolet lamp+
  • Application of the finish coating, which can be both lacquer and gel.

How to choose?

When choosing primer It is necessary to be guided by the type of modeling of future nails.

  • For high-quality fixing nail polishes or eliminate fat with them it is better to stop your attention on Bond, that is, a pre-primer. Such a tool is worth using fair sex representatives that suffer over hand sweating.
  • If you wish to carry out the procedure for increasing the gel, it is worth a preference to the checkered tool. It promotes good adhesion of artificial material and nail surface. The infertime primer works on the principle of bilateral scotch, exercising perfect bonding.
  • If acrylic will be used during the manicure process, the acid must be present in the primer. The principle of acid tool is based on the process of raising the nail scales, while carrying out a good grip effect. This type of substance can be used in hand hyperhydrosis, as well as with gel buildings.

The following acid primers proven themselves well.

  • Runail Professional Primer Acrylic System Well suited for acrylic extension procedures. When lifting scraps, the tool ensures the reliability of the clutch.
  • IBD Stick Primer Provides the formation of air type pockets that may occur at the junction between natural and extensive nails.
  • Yoko Apr 15 It is a universal option for gel, acrylic procedures, it guarantees clutch strength.
  • Kodi Professional Primer considered to be a means of universal purpose. It can be used for manicure of different types.

Surchased Breeding Primers includes such brands.

  • CND Acid-Free Primer – This is a unique product that can be used with a variety of extensions is not an exception and home manicure.
  • BlueSky Nail Systems Primer. This substance is drawn up gel – varnish nails, it is also used during gel buildup. This tool eliminates the problems of detachment, cracking and splitting of manicure. The product is considered absolutely safe for skin.
  • Runail Primer Non-Acid able to provide excellent adhesion, as well as increase the attractiveness of the appearance of artificial and extensive manicure for a long time.
  • EZFLOW NON ACID PRIMER – This is the perfect option for a sensitive nail plate. This means there is no smell, and good adhesive properties are also observed.

Bonders who have good quality.

  • Red Carpet, Prep Max ADHESION SANITIZER is a good degreaser, it is able to perfectly clean the nail and remove excess moisture.
  • IN GARDEN NAIL PREP SYSTEM Performs functions of drying and preparation for the adhesion process on the base coating.
  • E. Mi Ultrabond found its application in all types of manicure modeling. The tool is characterized by liquid consistency, so it is possible to spread well on the nail surface. The substance does not represent any danger to the skin of the hands.
  • Naomi Dehydrator Performs dehydration function, degreasing nail plates. Means can protect the surface, provide good clutch. Bonder is used during the extension of gel and acrylic, as well as at home staining.

Than replaced?

In the absence of the use of primers, Without them you can do, making the following replacement:

  • Less aggressive pre-primer or bond, as the replacement for a more sparing remedy will save the nail plate from negative influence+
  • using cologne, spirits that are able to degrease nails+
  • Fluid for removing varnish or acetone, which have the ability to eliminate dust, as well as fat from a natural nail surface+
  • using food vinegar, which is capable of degreasing and disinfection of the nail plate before applying artificial materials+
  • Boric acid, which is recognized as a remarkable alternative to the primer.

It is worth remembering that the primer cannot be used as an analogue, which contains oil in its composition.


Reviews of masters, as well as women who enjoy their services, suggest that the manicure will hold longer using the primer. Those who are not the first year use the means are satisfied with the result, as well as noted the long service life and the absence of artificial nail pollutions. There is also information that in case of careless use of the primer, it is possible to burn the nail surface and skin sections. Replacing this product is carried out by inexpensive substances that are at home or in the first-aid kit.

In reviews about the use of primer, there is information that when Ignoring the processing of this means there is a mass of unpleasant consequences, for example, delating materials, the formation of cracks and chips. Some Masters have the opinion that the use of primer is required only to those representatives of beautiful sex, which have a weak nail plate, which is often resolve. Purchase of primer is a profitable investment, since this means is consumed quite economical.

During the simulation of artificial manicure, the application of primer has significant benefits. This is a means – a guarantee of a good clutch of materials, as well as a long service life of extensive nails. Proper use of this tool will help to avoid unpleasant moments that will spoil the attractiveness of nails.

On the primer should not save, because it depends on him how long a beautiful manicure will delight his mistress.

In the next video you are waiting for secrets of the coating gel varnish.

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