Why gel lacquer wrinkles in the lamp?

Why gel lacquer wrinkles in the lamp?

Some novice Neil Masters are faced with such a problem that the gel varnish is wrinkled in the lamp. As a result, the beautiful design of the marigolds is disturbed and you have to re-start.

Well, if you encountered a similar negative situation when gel coating applied yourself. Worse will be much worse if the gel varnish wrinkled when you applied it to a client. Indeed, in this case, she has questions and doubts about your competence.

So that this does not happen, let’s understand in the main reasons that provoke a shrinking of the coating in the lamp during drying.

Scope associated with a lamp

The device for drying gel coating can cause the lacquer shrink.

The main problems associated with the lamp include the following.

  • Insufficient power of the device. The optimal option is considered to acquire a LED lamp, the power of which is 20 watts, or UV lamps with an increased power of 36 watts. The device characterized by a low threshold of power can lead to the fact that the gel coating will not dry enough and will be wrinkled. Even if you increase the time of your lamps under the lamp, it will not guarantee that high-graded varnishes (they are related to them, for example, a black shade) will be satisfied with the full.
  • Wear of the luminaires. Even if your lamp has excellent power, over time you may notice that the coating is shrinking with drying. The reason for this can be the wear of light elements, to replace which is necessary on a regular basis if you serve a large number of customers, and the device works almost in continuous mode.

Upon completion of the life of the lighting elements, even if the nails are for a long time under the lamp, it will not be able to correct the situation. After all, the polymerization process will be exposed only to the top layer. In the middle of the gel varnish will remain liquid or drig, as a result of which the decorative coating will quickly be wrinkled.

  • Insufficient time for drying coverage. Certain gel varnishes must be dried over a long period of time. These types of gel coatings belong high-fibemented varnishes. If the marigolds to which the black or other dark shade was deposited from the lamp before the deadline, then you can see how the decorative layer is gradually wrinkled under the influence of air.

Gel varnishes associated problems

Even if everything is in order with the lamp, and you are withstanding the manufacturer’s time staying gel lacquer in the device for drying, problems can be associated directly with varnish themselves.

  • Applying a very thick layer is one of the most common problems, why the gel varnish is wrinkled in the lamp. The drying process begins with the top layer, gradually moving down. If you have fallen a very thick layer of gel lacquer, then even a very powerful lamp is not able to cope with the abundance of the material and dry it well. As a result, you can observe how the upper layer will be wrinkled, and the lower remains unexpected. It is easy to check if you try to remove the wrinkled layer: you will notice that the cotton disk is painted in the paint.

  • A strongly pigmented shade of gel lacquer is the second most reason for the reason that the coating is wrinkled. Pigment present in large quantities contributes to the slowdown of the absorption of ultraviolet radiation, as a result, the coating is wrinkled during drying. In large quantities, the pigment is present in black and white colors, as well as shades that are characterized by increased brightness or, on the contrary, are very dark.

  • Application of gel lacquer with anterorable shelf life. When the shelf life of this agent expires, its consistency becomes more dense and thick, so it is very difficult to apply it in a thin layer.

  • Gel-varnish has not been applied for a long time. If the means for decorating the marigolds is a long time without using, it begins to gradually decrease. The pigment substance settles downstairs, and on top there is a liquid layer, characterized by transparency.

  • Acquisition of poor-quality gel varnish. The production of such a fund could be held with a violation of technology, or in its composition there are components of poor quality. Such a gel coating will be constantly wrinkled, whatever actions you have taken.

In addition, the reason that leads to the fact that gel varnish is wrinkled in the lamp, there may be a refusal to use the base. Unfortunately, the evenness and smoothness of the nail plate of most beautiful sex representatives leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is recommended to apply specialists to provide the best adhesion of the decorative layer. Characterized by sticking layer, she will save gel varnish from wrinkling in the drying process. In addition, the base protects the nail plate from the pigment particles, which are part of the decorative agent.

How to avoid lacquer wrinkle

Here are some simple recommendations, Compliance with which will allow you to avoid the fact that gel varnish is wrinkled in the lamp.

  • Apply 2 thin layers of decorative gel coating, instead of one thick. In this way, you can dry the gel varnish gradually, and with this task, not even a very powerful device for drying will be able to cope.
  • Using black shade or other strongly pigmented tones of gel lacquer, it is necessary to apply it a very thin layer, slightly by spending a brush on the nail plate.

  • Watch out the shelf life of lighting elements, as well as cosmetic drugs that are used to decorate marigolds.

Conduct a regular replacement of the failed components and products with an expiratory expiry date.

  • When using gel lacquer, which has not been applied for a long time, it is necessary to shake it well and mix so that such a tool is well applied and not wrinkled when drying.

  • Before proceeding to apply one of the means for manicure, carefully examine the instructions and recommendations from the manufacturer. This will allow you to create high quality coverage.
  • Purchase cosmetics to decorate marigolds from well-known brands. Despite their higher cost, such funds are distinguished by high quality.

Secrets of the proper application of gel coating

  • To provide a glossy gloss on the coating, make sure that the gel varnish be cooled to room temperature. In this case, you will avoid the fact that it will shrore on the basis.
  • Tassel used to distribute the decorative tool on the marigold may not be approached for application near the cuticle. It is recommended to use a thin brush characterized by a high degree of elasticity.

  • Drawing a clear pattern, do not try to apply it from above the dispersion layer of the base. In this case, you will observe not only the displacement of the pattern, but also the fact that all the coating will be wrinkled. To get a thin image, remove the sticky layer of the base. In order not to worsen the color and shade, it is worth distributing the database top and preach to dry each layer separately.

  • Apply a database in two layers, thanks to this you can align the nail plate. So that the gel coating is not wrinkled during drying, you need to apply the first layer very thin and perfectly dry in the lamp. The next layer can be imposed somewhat thicker, trying to uniformly distribute it.

Поверните пальчик ноготком вниз, так, чтобы он оказался в параллельной плоскости с полом. Thanks to such actions, you will get the perfect coverage and minimize the risk of lacquer wrinkle.

  • If there are still small wrinkles on the marigold, you need to cover it with a glossy top. Top should be applied very quickly and immediately fasten it under the lamp for a few seconds, after which, you need to wait, when the surface is completely polymerized.

      One of the reasons for the fact that gel varnish is frowning in a lamp can serve as sufficiently qualitatively polished marigold.

      Therefore, experienced Neil-Masters advise not to rush with a nail plate grinding, paying enough time to this process.

      To avoid the most typical mistakes when applying gel varnish, we recommend to see the following video.

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