Yellow French manicure: a variety of design and selection of equipment

Yellow French manicure: a variety of design and selection of equipment

In the modern world, the manicure is one of the main signs of well-groomed and accuracy of not only women, but also men. And if a man is enough to have simply clean, neat and cropped nails, then women in view of their nature want differently and extravagant. It concerns this not only clothes and hairstyles, but also the appearance of nails.

The benefit today is a fair sex representatives can choose not only the color of the nail coating, but also the technique, in which decoration will be performed. This season, fashionable trends pay special attention to yellow color and its most diverse shades. On the Internet, you can already find many variations of the manicure, which will be in the trend in spring – in the summer of 2019. There are many ideas for long, and for short nails with any shape: from square to round. Did not cost without the immortal classics in the technique of French.

Yellow French manicure will become an interesting solution for those who remain faithful to the classics, at the same time time spent following new fashion trends.


First of all, you need to talk about, What should pay attention to when choosing a yellow nail.

  1. Too long nails have long come out of fashion and, moreover, “give” vulgarity. It is better to make a choice in favor of short tips. Do not be afraid that such a manicure is lost and will remain unnoticed – bright yellow color will put all the necessary accents and will attract due attention.
  2. As for the form, it is best for yellow shades oval or slightly rounded form. Forget about the nails of square and sharp triangular forms. In fact, almond-like nails will also be and in combination with a short length will look extremely ridiculous.
  3. Tell me “yes” decor and boldly give up the will of fantasy. This season is recommended to connect all sorts of finishes: from rhinestones and relief to accents by color and all kinds of drawings, prints.

Terms of color combination

It would be mistaken to believe that there are any rules in combination of yellow with the rest of the gamma. The only rule is the complete absence of any rules. Yellow color is permissible to combine with your favorite colors, only the right selection of shades and tones of yellow is important. So, warm shades of yellow are perfectly combined with the same colors that have calm and comfort. Beautifully with warm shades of yellow gamma looks orange, salad and red colors.

Cold yellow tones, respectively, are greatly harmonized with the same shades of other colors. This category includes shades of blue, pink, gray and purple.

Fashion ideas

Despite its seeming simplicity, French manicure, and also yellow, can become a real find. You are mistaken if you think Frenc is boring and monotonous. Skillful Master is able to create an original and unique design of your nails, combining different shades of yellow, using interesting prints, complementing a bright yellow design with all sorts of ornaments and vesited patterns.

XXI century – this is a century of breaking all templates and stereotypes. Such changes could not be bypass and “Neil” -industy, which, like a sponge, absorbs all new-fashioned trends and trends. Once the risk and retreating from the canons in the creation of Franch, you can get the original design, which will preserve the loyalty to the traditions. So, the classic French “smile” can be placed not only from the bottom, but also from above (by analogy with the lunar manicure). Interesting, but no less beautiful solution can be the use of print or decorations on a yellow tip of nails, made in the style of French.

By the way, it is absolutely optional to perform a yellow French manicure on all nails of the hands. For a long time, traditional was the coating of one or several nails with a solid color or the application of catchy contrast patterns. Optional, or even undesirable to be attached to a certain symmetry.

Throw and unusually combined with a yellow junk looks flowers, whether it’s small white daisies, carelessly “scattered” on the nails, or one big, holding all the free space of the nail plate.

Pestry Sunflowers, as well as bouquets and flower arrangements of red, orange, green, purple and brown shades, look. Of the calmer options, you can stop your choice on pastel and neon floral prints.

The more diverse arsenal tools of the master, the more interesting and the nail design is unusual. Single flowers, prints and floral arrangements can be depicted with a variety of ways.

  • Dots. With this indispensable tool, conventional flowers with three – five round petals are depicted. Depending on the diameter of the Dotts head, you can apply both completely small and large flowers. Dotts is very easy to use: it is enough to dip the head of the desired size in the varnish and form a flower with point movements.

  • Pussy. Before painting the flowers with a brush, it is better to practice a little. Having a small experience, you can proceed to drawing the most different in the form and type of flower compositions. Thin brush is better suitable for the image of the flower itself, and the fan – to give the petals of the visual volume through the use of several shades of the same color. Fan brush is also used to apply a gentle Chinese painting.

  • Aerograph. Flowers with spraying, especially with light shades, look at the nails very beautiful.

  • Stumping. The advantages of this tool is difficult to overestimate. In the presence of necessary discs and plates with floral engraving, you can easily, and most importantly – very quickly, create a beautiful nail design.

  • Decor elements. Modern variety and accessibility of decorations for nail design allow you to create interesting and unique images on your nails. To create colors, you can use rhinestones of different sizes, bullies, sequins, and even stucco.

Not always the original and unique design on the nails requires special skills and availability of expensive tools. So, with a small piece of foil or simple polyethylene, you can make a nail polished manicure in the style of broken glass. For this foil or polyethylene is cut by triangles of different sizes. The resulting “fragments” can be glued both directly on the yellow strip of Franch and on the entire plate on the background of one-photon coating.

Use decor in combination with yellow French manicure

Even the simplest and simple nail design can be made special and unique, emphasizing his sophistication and elegance. Manufacturers offer our attention a lot of all sorts of decorations, With the help of which you can create an incredibly beautiful and unique nail design based on French yellow manicure.

  • Rhinestones. Today you can find “pebbles” of different colors and all kinds of forms. In addition to familiar silver and other monophonic, you can use made from high-quality acrylic strata with a hologram effect.

  • Silver or Golden Crystal Crumb Give your nails a beautiful and fascinating shine.

  • FIMO. Using this type of decorations not only greatly simplifies work on the creation of design, but also opens up almost limitless opportunities for the realization of the most bold witnesses. A variety of hearts, bows, butterflies and especially all sorts of fruit will become an excellent supplement for French manicure in yellow.

  • Beads, Pebbles, Pearls and Bulconies still remain in the trend, because with their help the design acquires a special charm. Often, the use of these elements and plays a key role in creating nail design.

Of course, the French manicure, and especially yellow, and without any jewelry attracts attention to its originality, but you should not neglece such a wide arsenal of instruments and materials. No one argues that the classic always remains in fashion, but the brightness, oddness and shock are the key characteristics of the upcoming season, which should not be left without due attention. Be bolder, because the decorations and bright elements are appropriate not only for holidays, but also in everyday life.

About how to make a gray-yellow french with a bow, look in the video below.

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