Yellow manicure in combination with mint color: current ideas and trendy trends

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Yellow manicure in combination with mint color: current ideas and trendy trends

In the autumn period of durable rains, the summer mood is remembered with regret. Feel it and give the surrounding you can with the help of small solar additions to your image in the form of a yellow manicure.


This season, as in the previous, yellow manicure remains a trend. But to create an ideal image you need to take into account the combination not only with the color range, but also with the style of clothing. When the onions are strict, classic, then select pastel shades. Such a manicure looks like a kinderlike and creative.

In the event that more free style clothes, you can make nails bright. After all, the yellow shades palette provides a large field for activities.


Yellow looks great in almost any combinations. However, there are the most successful options that betray the appearance. An excellent example is a yellow-mint manicure. The mint shade is another trend that keeps the position is no longer the first season. By itself, the color adds tenderness and romance.

Separately it looks perfectly on short and medium nails. If you consider its combination with other colors, then professionals are recommended to use it on the surface of a long acute form. Fashionable are considered combinations with pink and yellow.


Deciding with the color gamut of nails, it is worth paying attention to the fashion trends and receptions of staining. The following types of coverage are considered the most demanded:

  • French+
  • lunar+
  • frame+
  • geometric+
  • Ombre+
  • Foil+
  • drawing.

Despite the fact that Franch is a natural and strict manicure type, modern designers found the opportunity to revive with color and its. Not classically white tips entered into fashion, but multicolored. So, you can recreate a rainbow summer palette in yellow, mint and pink colors, coloring every nail tip with different color. In this case, the number of variants of alternation of colors is very large.

You can perform this type of processing both in pastel colors (for working everydays) and in bright (for relaxing in the club). Moon manicure originally implies a nail coating with only two colors. At the same time, one color is applied at the bottom of the nail with a semicircle, and the second decorates the remaining part of the surface.

But putting a little smelting, you can dilute the design of another tint, applying it to the most tip of the nail, as in France. The upper color can go as a wide band, so and gently rumble a thin thread. Pink base, yellow middle and neat tone of mint colors will create unique freshness and ease.

The so-called manicure frame refers to classic and stringent variants that are perfectly combined with business style due to strict geometry. The framing itself can be both full and partial, not closing the tip of the nail. The last option is better suited for nails of small length, as it helps to visually lengthen them. Strict style of this type of coating can be turned into an original.

For this, lacquer must create direct or oblique geometry of several shades other than color of the frame. This will add a highlight to the image, make it more complex and interesting.

Geometric manicure itself has currently received almost second breathing. Designers offer an innumerable amount of its options, using as many shades as possible. One of the most popular varieties of geometry from several tones is Ombre. Its smooth transitions from one tone to another soften the impression of bright colors. Yellow-mint manicure in combination with pink, made in such a style, will suit almost any bow. This business suit will not look sad and gray, and bright things thanks to smooth transitions will be perceived softer.

As for the foil manicure, and even made using several bright colors, then such a decision scares many girls. But do not think that this option is screaming or vulgar. In fact, it all depends on the combination of such a manicure with bow.

To create a modern image in it, a bright note must be present in it, which is just a colored manicure using foil. Its metal tump can be combined with belt buckle, handbag or shoes, which will make the image completed.

There is another win-win version of the layout of yellow, mint and pink colors – this is a drawing. Currently, this type of manicure is very popular due to its versatility. After all, you can take any shade as a basis, and the rest just paint the surface.

At the same time, the pattern can be both simple, in the form of a flower or a pair of abstract bends, and complex, in the form of a multilayer design. Choosing one of these options for coating using yellow, mint and pink colors, you can create a great mood not only yourself, but also others at any time of the year.

How to make a yellow and mint manicure in the style of Ombre, look in the following video.

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