Yellow-pink manicure: trends and unusual solutions

Yellow-pink manicure: trends and unusual solutions

Modern nail design offers fashionable, the most incredible combinations of colors. This season is particularly popular yellow and pink colors in manicure. This trend is also due to new work techniques. One of these trendy options is Ombre.




Ombre is an improved type of gradient, in which the boundaries between flowers or shades are blurred. It is popular because smooth color transitions look effectively. In addition, thanks to the huge palette of ombrov, the ombrie makes it possible to supplement the bow in any style and color.

This type of manicure is easy to perform at home. So, the preparatory stage includes the standard processing of the working surface and does not require any special means. To prepare your nails to work:

  • cotton tampons+
  • nail polish remover+
  • Cuticle removal tool+
  • Manicure set.

After processing the nails on their surface, the base is applied. It can be both a strengthening agent and transparent or colored varnish. If the last option is selected, then you need to use the brightest tint in the palette. In Ombre, the tonality of nails from the bright reason to the dark conchiks looks most effectively. For further work, a gamma of colored varnishes will be required, fat cream (for hands), sponge, taste for decorating (you can use toothpick), a small palette for mixing, fixer and cotton (tampons).

After applying and drying the base, the skin around each nail is lubricated with cream. The procedure will help to easily remove unwanted varnish residues. Next is the gradation. It is performed in the direction of the base to the tips. Accordingly, each subsequent layer is superimposed. The second color is applied at a short distance from the nail base. Here it is necessary to navigate independently and determine the approximate distance depending on the number of tones.

Then the tassel gently stretch the borders of the varnish so that they are most merged into one. The same procedure is performed with subsequent layers. The tip of the nail will be the darkest. For greater definition at the end, it can be broken again. After complete drying, the lacquer is applied and remove the cream.

There is an alternative way. He is simpler for those who are only mastering the technique of ombre. After preparing the working surface, the varnish is not applied immediately. First, all the colors of one nail are mixed on the palette and stretch, then with a wet sponge is transferred to the surface. Wet sponge just press up to the finished pattern and make an imprint on the work surface.

It is very important not to push the sponge strongly, as it can absorb more varnish, how to put on the nail, or leave deep prints, which are difficult then to be counted with a brush. Application can be repeated several times for a brighter color. It is necessary to mix on each nail composition again, as it does not only dry up, but also partially absorbed into the sponge. Then the kel is covered by a fixer, which will help hide small irregularities from the sponge.

Combination of flowers

There are no color constraints in this technique. They can be chosen under clothes or mood. The most fashionable this season is rightfully yellow and pink tone. Tints of Yellow Recommend the most famous Neil-designers. After all, this is a very sunny color that creates a good mood and is able to fit into any image. In addition, this color has an excellent combination with other collers. It is suitable for cold and warm, pastel and bright tones.



Pink pastel shades give femininity and tenderness of the bow. That is why one of the current Ombre options this season is the yellow-pink manicure. Such a combination first may seem too bright and even screaming. But this version of ombre in pastel colors looks very gentle and thin. Pink shade will perfectly support modern makeup of natural colors, and yellow – add bright note even to business bow. A small contrast of these cores will give the image an additional highlight.

Design and decoration

The gradient of yellow-pink can be performed in various variations. The combination of colors is drawn up as horizontal transitions and vertical. The second option can be combined with Ombre when the brightness of the tones increases with each subsequent nail. Color intensity is adjustable not only bright tones of yellow and pink, but also by the number of lacquered layers. The most fashionable variation represents asymmetric ombre. This is another opportunity to emphasize the bright personality and uniqueness.

If you play a little with the shades of pink and yellow, Drawing a slope in different directions (mirror reflection of the hands), the bow will immediately be filled with mysteriousness. But on this possible options for asymmetry do not end. The slope of pink and yellow tones can be changed several times in one or different layers of varnish. In this case, you can get two completely different designs. If working with one layer, it turns out blurred curved lines resembling abstraction.

When using a bevel change on several layers of different colors, a step pattern is obtained, creating a visual illusion of the volumetric pattern.


Many fashionista worries excess manicure brightness. This problem is easily eliminated, even if the design is made in pink yellow shades. To do this, it is necessary to make a coating matte. There are several available and simple options. In the first case, you can just buy a matte varnish.

The main thing is what you need to remember and take care in advance – the perfect shape and grinding of nails. If irregularity remains when processing on the surface, it will be very noticeable after the applied.

    A matting coating for varnish will become a good way out. It will allow not only to make modern and sophisticated manicure, but also save money. After all, the coating can be mashed any color varnish. Alternating the above techniques and design options, you can look modern and intriguing every day.

    Master class on creating Ombre look next.

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