Dental filaments Splat

Dental filaments Splat

Dental threads allow even more efficient procedures to maintain the health of the oral cavity. It is between the teeth that the food remains, bacteria accumulate. High-quality dental thread helps to remove all unnecessary to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Splat floss is very popular due to high quality and affordable price. When choosing it is worth considering the condition of the teeth and the gums.


Splat’s dental filaments are popular not just. The manufacturer makes many high-quality goods to care for the oral cavity, therefore deserved the confidence of buyers. The Russian company has a good reputation and offers to any client to participate in the development of new products. So everyone can share with the manufacturer with its ideas or wishes.

In a wide range there are even special dental threads impregnated with wax. Artificial fiber in use Comfortable and safe, there is no risk to damage the gums. Volumetric wax threads penetrate the most hard-to-reach slots between the teeth. At the same time, splat products are distinguished by the available price.

The manufacturer conducts research on its products and provides statistical data. It is always possible to allocate the most effective model and understand how effective the floss is to solve a certain problem. As a result, buyers can make their choice as weighing. Also in the manufacture of floss used branded technologies and development.

Dental filaments are suitable for sensitive enamels. It is also a good solution for people suffering from inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

Floss does not bring unpleasant sensations during use. This procedure can easily attach children, because the threads are safe and not injured gums.

Thread Overview

In the range of companies there are various models. So, the necessary thread will find owners of a small interdental space. All types of floss have different impregnations that provide additional beneficial properties.

  1. Bulk with coconut aroma. Products of the DentalFloss Natural Wax series guarantees careful cleansing. Floss processed by bee wax. Volumetric waxed DentalFloss prevents the occurrence of caries and protects from too active growth of bacteria.
  2. Cinnamon with aroma. Floss processed wax. Products of the DentalFloss series carefully and gently cleans the interdental space. The floss of this model is characterized by effectiveness, which is proven by the manufacturer’s research. Thread is processed in such a way that even when contacting the gum does not affect injuries.
  3. Super thin with silver fibers. Floss SuperSlim Silver Floss is designed for teeth with narrow slots. The product does not break, not divided into fibers during use. Silver in a combination with mint has antibacterial properties.
  4. Volumetric with strawberries. The DentalFloss model is designed with the help of branded technology, manufactured in Italy. Fibers when used are missing, which provides better cleansing and minimizes the risk of damage to the gums. The composition has a Biosol component with antibacterial properties. The use of such a floss twice improves the state when bleeding gums.
  5. Volumetric with bergamot and lime. Branded Technology “There” S Only One!”Allowed the manufacturer to make a truly unique floss. When using fiber becomes fluffy. This allows you to better and carefully clean the space between the teeth. Bergamot and Lime cleaned bacteria, make breathing more fresh. Floss reduces the likelihood of decorating the gums.
  6. Volumetric with cardamon. Riser Floss model allows you to improve teeth health and refresh your breath. Fibers when used become fluffy, which makes it possible to remove more bacteria and contamination. Also when touched to the gum thread it does not waste. Cardamon oil reduces the activity of bacteria and relieves inflammation.

When choosing a thread, you should focus on the state of the teeth and the gums. If there are inflammatory processes, then more careful models should be used.

    All products SPLAT improves breathing, reduces bacteria activity. Some models additionally help struggle with bleeding, inflammatory processes and caries.

    How to use?

    Tooth thread is used at the very end, after cleaning the brush with pasta. Also, the procedure can be carried out independently. Learn how to use the thread is very simple.


    1. Get out of total macs 30-40 cm floss.
    2. Wind one part on the middle finger of one hand, and the second part – on the other hand. Thus, the working part must be 5-7 cm.
    3. Stretch the thread, capturing the big and index finger of both hands.
    4. Stretched floss to start between teeth. Cleaning you need sliding movements. During the procedure, the impact is made on the side of the tooth. At the same time, the floss should not touch the gums.

    You can master the procedure just once. Clean the space between the teeth is necessary in front of the mirror to control the movements. Later, with experience, it is possible and not to look at the movement of the thread, it is important only at first.

    There are some nuances that need to be taken into account during the procedure:

    • It is impossible to make movements that will put pressure, in this case the risk of wandering the gums+
    • If blood appeared during purification, then you should immediately interrupt the procedure+
    • When bleeding, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with a salt solution or any disinfecting means of special purpose.

        It happens that the thread rushes in the process. This signals that caries appeared on the teeth on the side, or there is a low-quality seal in it. In such a situation, it is better to immediately turn to the dentist. Bleeding may indicate strong gum inflammation. Be sure to use a special rinser for improving the situation.


        Purification of the interdental space allows you to get rid of food residues and a large number of bacteria. An ordinary brush cannot provide such care. Users note the properties of the DentalFloss line. With regular use, the threads really allow to improve the state of inflamed and bleeding gums. Especially noticeable result with an integrated approach.

        Floss with wax comes to almost everyone, does not injure the gums when contacting with them. The thread for a narrow interdentary space allows even in such unique cases to improve the condition of the teeth. Users noted that all models lead to fresh breathing. Impregnations not only give the aroma, but also have a beneficial effect on the teeth, gums. Some people are noticing at all that the thread with strawberries favorably affects sleep.

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