Features for toothpicks

Features for toothpicks

Right care for the oral cavity is a guarantee of the health and purity of the teeth. Today, a lot of people faces the problem of the emergence of various diseases, as a result of which they are forced to contact the dentist. In order for this problem, it does not occur, you need to adhere to all the rules of hygiene, namely: brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, use the rinse, dental thread, and also toothpicks.

Toothpick is a small, thin wooden wand, sharpened on both sides. It is used most often after eating to get food remnants that stayed between teeth. To save such devices in cleanliness you need to store them correctly. It was for this that special supports were invented, which will be discussed in this article.

Review of species

Assortment for toothpick storage supports is pretty great. They are usually manufactured by companies that are engaged in the production of hygiene. There are several classifications.

  • By material manufacturing. Stand for toothpicks can be made of wood, plastic, metal, porcelain, ceramics. The highest quality and reliable are porcelain – they are characterized by durability, impact resistance, low water absorption. Metallic and wooden less popular, as those and others have not very good technical parameters. Plastic cheapest and have the least life.

  • In form. Device can be absolutely any configuration – container, cup, egg or even in the form of nesting. Very often manufacturers give their products the shape of various animals.

  • In volume. This parameter is different, but most often you can find a capacity of 40-50 ml.

  • By color decoration. Color Capacity is the most different – white, blue, black, yellow, red and others.

  • According to constructive features. The stand is desktop, which is simply installed on any flat surface, or suspended, intended for mounting to the wall.

Today, consumers have the greatest demand for toothpicks in the form of an automatic dispenser. This is a device that automatically presses the button or other part detail feeds toothpick. It is very convenient and modern. Such a storage of toothpicks will perfectly fit into any interior.

As for manufacturers, their quantity increases every day. Some of the most reliable today are several companies.

  • Balvi. The most successful and one of the newest is the model Automatic Help Holder. This is a stylish, made of metal model.

  • Brabantia. AUTOMATIC DISPENSERS OF GET TOGETHER series dispensers are used in demand. Stands of this series are made of stainless steel and plastic.

And also worth paying attention to the products of Casalinghi and Bauscher.

Such a large range makes it possible to choose a capacity for any interior design, makes it an excellent gift, for example, on housewarming.

Where to post?

Stands for toothpicks are characterized by compactness, small size and mobility. Place a stand with toothpicks you can. Sure, The most suitable place for the product is a kitchen or dining room.

Store stand preferably in a clean and dry place, and considering that there are many different suspension and floor lockers in the kitchen, you don’t have a problem for storing. And the product can be left on the kitchen table.

Some stored a stand with toothpicks in the bathroom, as after receiving food, teeth clean. It is quite logical.

If you have a suspension stand, which is attached to the wall, hang it at any convenient place so that it does not interfere.

How to choose?

Need to take into account several factors when choosing a toothpick coasters.

  • Location of the reservoir. It matters, since each room has its own microclimate, humidity level. For example, a wooden stand is better not to leave in the bathroom, as the tree from high humidity can spoil.

  • The material from which the stand is made.

  • Volume and size of the product.

  • Color and shape. These parameters must be taken into account so that the stand looked well and combined with other products, devices and color decoration, such as kitchen or bathroom.

And also pay attention to the one who is the manufacturer. It is very important, because the safer company, the greater the likelihood that you buy high-quality, and most importantly, safe for health stand. Make sure the quality certificates in which it must be specified that the container was made of safe materials, and it does not contain hazardous chemicals.

How to make the Stand “Cook” from the salt dough for toothpicks, see the following video.

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