Features of silicone toothbrushes

Features of silicone toothbrushes

Many people enjoy special silicone toothbrushes. They are considered much more hygienic and efficient compared to simple mouth cleaning products. Today we will talk about the main features, advantages and disadvantages of such brushes.

Features, pros and cons

Silicone brushes for teeth represent an innovative development that is considered much better than ordinary models. They have a longer service life, not afraid of high temperature modes, over time they will not be deformed.

Silicone-based models are often manufactured using a special thermoplastic polyurethane.

They will become the best option for those people who have the most sensitive gums and dental enamel.

Silicone-based toothbrushes possess many important benefits. Lay out the most significant of them.

  • Suitable for patients with teeth. Often, precisely silicone varieties are acquired for cleaning damaged teeth and gums, since they, as a rule, have rather soft bristles, but it provides thorough cleaning. Often, these models are used for bleeding teeth.
  • Easy care. Compared to simple models of toothbrushes, silicone products can be easily rinsed and dried, as well as if necessary to disinfive. They can be simply ringed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • High quality level. Despite the softness, silicone bristles are capable of cleaning their teeth and interdental areas in the oral cavity. As well as most of the models have a special surface from the reverse side, which is intended for cleansing the language.
  • Convenience. As a rule, these brushes for teeth are made with handles convenient for a man or the same silicone base. They will not slide in the hand in the process of cleaning.
  • Elasticity. Silicone bristles quickly return to its original position, even with constant use, they will not be deformed.

Among the shortcomings of silicone models, you can only distinguish the fact that a large amount of toothpaste at the base of the product begins to stack due to longer and thick bristles.


Currently, there are two large groups of such toothbrushes.

  • Children’s. Most often silicone models for children are presented in the form of brushes that are put on finger. They are quite comfortable in use, they can be easily rinsed and dried. Such options are performed exclusively from environmentally friendly silicone species. They are usually as soft as possible, with cleaning the material will not be able to damage in the oral cavity. Baby brushes provide gentle, but careful care for the teeth of the child. In addition, such silicone products are used as a special teethel. They can massage patients with gums, thus facilitating the trouble. Fingering varieties make it possible to clean even the most hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity. They make it easy to get rid of plaque and caries.

  • Adults. These models are usually presented in the form of standard toothbrushes with a rubberized handle and silicone elongated bristles. They also allow you to remove the flare from the teeth. Long use of such brushes can lead to a significant decrease in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, as well as to reduce the bleeding of teeth and gums. In addition, silicone brushes will become the best option for processing and cleaning after bleaching procedure.

Currently there are a large number of manufacturing companies that produce silicone toothbrushes. Consider the most popular of them.

  • Faberlic. Under this brand, high-quality silicone brushes for teeth are produced, most often they relate to medium-sided models. These products in the process of cleaning will not damage the enamel, they allow for massage effects on gums. In addition, such brushes perfectly hold their shape, they do not break, the bristles do not fall out. At the same time, the products of the brand refers to the budget segment.

  • Namei. The company produces silicone toothbrushes with varying degrees of rigidity, but at the same time more solid and dense varieties of silicone are predominantly used. These devices allow you to qualitatively clean the oral cavity, get rid of the raid.

  • Baby Team. The brand releases brushes that have a massage effect. All of them are designed specifically for kids. Such products are perfect for those who only cut the teeth. Assortment presents a variety of models that are put on finger. Soft bristles are capable of significantly affect the gums, but at the same time do not damage them.

  • Jack N ‘Jill. This manufacturer releases brushes made from special medical silicone. All of them are absolutely safe for humans. These products are often used for young children. They are equipped with a special limiter, which completely eliminates the injury of the oral cavity. Such brushes can be easily disinfected and sterilized.

 How to choose and use?

When buying silicone toothbrushes, it is worth considering a number of important points. So, Be sure to pay attention to the degree of rigidity. If you select a model for a child, then preference should be given to the safest samples that completely eliminate the possibility of obtaining damage to the oral cavity in children. For adults, you can pick up models with an average rigidity.

As well as in the selection be sure to take into account the shape of the bristles. Models with multi-level location allow you to produce better cleaning, as they are able to penetrate the most hard-to-reach places and cleaned the flight.

Head size also plays an important role in choosing. What it will be less, the easier it will be the most distant teeth. Look at the handle of the brush. The best option can be rubberized models, they are most comfortable to use, in the process of cleaning they will not slip out of hand.

An important factor is the cost. As a rule, the cheapest models are made with thicker bristles, such products can a little injury to the oral cavity or simply deliver discomfort when cleaning. Copies with thinner bristles are considered the highest quality, but their price will be much higher compared to the first option.

It should be remembered about important rules of use. First of all it concerns children’s models that are put on finger.

First you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap, only after that the product is put on an index finger.

After that, smooth slow movements make massage manipulations on the gums, not mad at the same time and hard-to-reach places. This procedure should be on average for 3-5 minutes. After that, the brush must be processed correctly. To do this, it is first washed with children’s soap, and then dried and wipes with a clean towel.

Store purified and dried teeth cleaning devices better in the case. Many of them go in one set with hygiene themselves. The service life of any silicone brush is about 2 or 3 months, after that you should purchase a new model.


Many users left positive feedback on silicone toothbrushes. Some expressed that these models will become the best option for those who have problems with gums, Since they will not damage them, and besides will be able to slightly relieve inflammatory symptoms.

According to consumers, such toothbrushes are also perfectly coping with cleaning teeth. They do not erase enamel and at the same time allow you to achieve the most effective result.

Separate attention and complete safety of these brushes. Bacteria will not accumulate on their surface even after multiple applications. In addition, they will not lose their shape, the bristles are capable of quickly returning to its original position.

Feedback on Silicone Toothbrush in the video below.

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