Review of toothpaste Vivathon

Review of toothpaste & Vivathon &

Toothpaste “Vivaton”, which developed academician A. M. Savelov, received recognition from people around the world. The manufacturer guarantees the user that the gums cease to bleed, inflammatory processes decrease; careful cleansing. These funds consist of a special biologically active complex, chlorophyll derivatives and natural extracts of violets and chablie.

Advantages and disadvantages

Means for the oral cavity “Vivaton” is distinguished by numerous useful properties:

  • Antiseptic and vitamined actions+
  • Fills calcium deficiency+
  • Hoping enamel teeth+
  • Improves the blood circulation of the gum+
  • The use of pasta of this brand helps to avoid caries and dental deposits+
  • Reduces pain and eliminates the bleeding of the gums+
  • does not contain fluorine that corps dental enamel.

    With all the advantages described, this agent also has disadvantages:

    • Unpleasant flavor of herbal+
    • Slightly inflated price compared to other dentities+
    • Inaccessibility (toothpaste can be purchased to order in pharmacies or online stores).

    Description of the range

    Means “Vivaton” to clean the oral cavity are characterized by a wide range. Depending on the composition and destination, each user will be able to pick up toothpaste under his wishes.

    • Gel with healing herbs extract. Reduces bleeding, has a soothing action. It has 207 micro and macroelements: arabinogalactan, isolated from larch of Siberian rocks, dehydroquercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant, chlorophyll is the necessary and necessary substance (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron), colloidal silver does not allow bacteria and microbes, Water essential oil – the strongest antiseptic, foolish violet possesses healing and anti-inflammatory actions.

    • Calcium. Suits people using funds without fluorine. It has a whitening action. Consists of calcium carbonate, sorbitol, mint pulp, menthol, fir oil, xanthine gum, titanium dioxide, sodium citrate, propylparaben.

    • Hygienic. Contributes to the removal of dental plates and stone deposits. Consists of colloidal silver, cosmetic, mineralized water, sodium saccharinate, mint essential oils, calcium carbonate and several more harmless substances.

    As can be seen, all the components in the composition of any pasta of this brand are safe and effective.

    Review reviews

    People who use the means of this brand say the rapid effect during bleeding, inflammation, increased sensitivity of the teeth. Buyers characterize toothpaste as an effective means for bleaching and protection against stone sediments and plaque.

    Dentists and doctors recommend toothpaste because patients have increased improvement in the state of the oral cavity, reducing caries cases. The tool copes well with the task of bleaching and does not have a fluorine that has a bad effect on the state of the enamel. In the treatment, it is well combined with both medicines and medicinal herbs.

    Scientists give their recommendations in favor of these funds at the expense of components that do not have contraindications and side effects. Vivaton’s dental paste passed many clinical trials and received the approval of the Ministry of Health.

    Overview of toothpaste “Babylon” Look in the following video.

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