Toothpaste Aquafresh

Toothpaste Aquafresh

Aquafresh brand is a world producer of high-quality products intended for oral hygiene. Assortment can be found a huge variety of toothpastes, each of which has its own specific features and compositions. Today we will talk about what kinds of such hygienic means produces this manufacturer, as well as how to choose the most appropriate toothpaste.


Paste for cleaning the teeth of the brand Aquafresh have a complex multicomponent composition. But at the same time, the following components are taken as the basis:

  • calcium carbonate+

  • Binary fluorine system+

  • calcium glycera phosphate.

Fluorine-containing substances allow for reliable protection against caries, also they contribute to a significant increase in the stability of dental enamel to various acids, countering bacteria that stimulate the production of harmful acids.

In addition, the toothpastes can contain other additional elements in their composition, including sodium sulfate, a variety of harmless flavors, sodium fluoride, zinc chloride and citral.

Product range

Today, the dental paste company Aquafresh sells a variety of mouth hygiene products. All of them are combined into several separate lines:

  • Paste for the whole family providing comprehensive protection of teeth+

  • Children’s series paste+

  • Therapeutic and prophylactic ruler+

  • Whitening series.

We highlight some varieties of such hygienic tools for the oral cavity.

Complex defense

At the heart of this paste is Special formula Sugar Acid Protection. It provides maximum protection against the formation of caries on the teeth, the effects of harmful acids that appear due to sugar-containing products. The tool contributes to the strengthening of dental enamel, gum, dental roots. And also it makes it easy to destroy all pathogenic bacteria and maintain optimal acid balance in the oral cavity.

Complex defense. Whitening

This paste is considered a universal option that will be able to come true for the whole family. With its regular use you can achieve enamel strengthening. In addition, it contributes to the lightening of persistent stains on the teeth, removing the plaque. Components that are part of this hygienic product provide reliable protection of the oral cavity, they also act as a prophylactic agent that prevents the bleeding of the gums.

Complex defense. Extra freshness

This tooth cleaning paste has an increased amount of important minerals in its composition. They are saturated with enamel in the process of regular cleaning. The tool is made with special flavors that give it easy and pleasant taste and smell, allow for a long time to refresh the breath.

Shining white

Such a paste has a soft gel mint formula, which not only provides a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, but also fresh breathing for a long time.

In addition, the remedy eliminates the malicious microorganisms and the smallest residues of food.

The substance gently polishes enamel and gives teeth a little shine. This is ensured by the presence of special micrographs in the composition. Like the previous version, the paste is made with flavors that give pleasant taste and smell.

Intensive cleansing, deep action

This hygiene remedy for the oral cavity can penetrate into the most hard-to-reach places and carefully clean them. It gently removes the resulting raid. The substance includes special reduced size microparticles, they contribute to the most efficient cleaning.


This tooth paste acts as an effective medical and prophylactic agent, which is used for daily use. With regular cleaning, the substance will be able to provide good protection for dental enamels from the destructive effects of saham-containing products, prevents the appearance of caries and periodontosis, eliminates the stone and flare, allows you to give fresh breath that will hold a long time.

Glowing mint

Such a toothpaste has special microparticles in its composition, which can easily remove dark spots on the teeth after the first cleaning. In addition, with regular use, it allows you to give light glitter.

Toothpaste Aquafresh in a tube with dispenser

This remedy for oral hygiene provides triple effect: the strengthening of the gum, the health of the teeth and the most freshest breathing. It was designed for daily use. This paste is subject to universal. It can be used for both adults and children. It is perfect for those who have sensitive teeth and gums. Paste carefully removes the whole flask and will save from the smallest particles of food. As part of a substance as additional components there is glycerin, a safe flavoring, sorbitol. Some varieties are produced with a comfortable pump.

Children’s series

It includes several separate varieties. “My first tooth” Suitable for children from 0 to 2 years, specially designed for the most careful and efficient purification of the oral cavity. “My milk teeth” You should use for a child aged 3 to 5 years, it provides triple protection of dairy teeth. “My big teeth” You can purchase for children from 6 to 8 years old, such a tool is perfectly caring for permanent milk teeth, strengthens gums.

And also this line includes an innovative development of Advance, which is worth using aged 10 to 13 years – the paste contains a fluorine in its composition, which allows to strengthen the gums and teeth of the child, to provide fresh breath.

How to choose?

Before buying a suitable composition for teeth cleaning, special attention should be paid to some important selection criteria.

Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the substance. To buy a safe toothpaste, you need to pay attention to the components contained in it. All of them are made with additional elements that can provide whitening, polishing of teeth, to have therapeutic effects or simply contribute to strengthening teeth, gums.

If you do not have difficulties with them, it is better to choose and acquire a hygiene agent preventive purpose and apply it daily. As for special medicinal compositions, it should be remembered that when purchasing them, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the dentists.

Special pastes will help reduce the level of sensitivity, they will prevent the subsequent destruction of the teeth. As a rule, this is achieved including due to the presence of calcium salts and strontium as part of pasta.

If you have wounds on the mucous membrane, then the preference should be given to means with antibacterial or antiseptic effect. They are usually used in low courses.

If you have caries on your teeth, then you should purchase a substance specifically designed to remove it. Dental hygiene products from caries include a variety of useful components. And the required element – calcium.

Carefully consider choosing the composition for the child. It is advised to consult a dentist doctor.

For young children, the optimal option will be a gel paste that does not contain abrasive small particles, which can harm.

And also when choosing a paste for children, it is better to abandon refreshingly mint products – in kids they can cause a sharp vomit reflex. It is worth choosing compounds with fruit flavors.

Review reviews

Many users and dental doctors spoke positively about Aquafresh products. It was noted that such pastes for cleaning teeth are able to deteriorate the mouth to be cleaned as efficiently as possible and give a fresh breath for a long time.

As well as some consumers noted that this toothpaste has an affordable price, it will afford to everyone. Tools manufactured by this brand, absolutely safe for humans, they can be used for young children.

According to users, the products are perfectly foaming and gently polishes the surface of the teeth. And many of her varieties will perfectly cope with whitening, while not harming dental enamel.

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