Toothpaste blanx

Toothpaste blanx

You need to choose toothpaste. To properly follow the health of the oral cavity, you should select such products that will have exceptionally positive impact and will show high efficiency. Similar requirements are answered by high-quality toothpastes Blanx.


Many people are irresponsible to choose toothpaste. Most often buyers are enough with the shelves of shops The first copy, not delight in particular its action and composition. Do this should not. Choose a suitable tooth cleaning paste need very carefully if you really care about the health of the oral cavity.

The best are branded pastes from famous manufacturers. So, among the most popular options today are Blanx products.

Dental pastes of this brand are distinguished by excellent quality and high performance indicators. Many consumers are used to using only these branded products.

This is due to the advantages of which they possess.

  • Blanx’s dental paste is very neatly, absolutely safe and complex clean the teeth from the seeds and plated. Blanx products can very effectively protect teeth from the formation of caries.
  • The pastes of the company do not harm the dental enamel, since there are extremely soft abrasive components in their composition.
  • Using the original Blanx pastes, it is possible to carry out effective prevention of inflammatory processes passing in the gums. The products under consideration can be safely used, even if a person suffers from increased sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Blanx pastes are ideal for daily use.
  • The original products of Blanx became famous for the fact that with its help you can effectively whiten your teeth.
  • The hygiene facilities under consideration are distinguished by attractive corporate packages, which are difficult not to notice on the shelves.
  • Through the cleaning of teeth, Blanx pastes can be given to breathing a very pleasant freshness that will be saved for a long time.
  • Quality Blanx products do not contain components capable of proving allergic reactions or other unpleasant sensations.

Benefits from branded dental PAS BLANX a lot. That is why they are in great demand and even often recommended by dentists.

Assortment overview

The assortment of the manufacturer under consideration has a variety of high quality pastes. Among them are copies that have different effects and different action. We will get acquainted closer with the most popular products.

Extra White

Beautiful whitening high quality paste. The product is designed for smoking users. In addition, with it, it is possible to whiten the teeth of people who abuse coffee. Tool has a powerful antibacterial effect. Due to this, the product improves the condition of the soft tissues of the oral cavity and mucosa as a whole. Extra White’s paste is characterized by an organic basis.

White Shock

This is a whole line of high-quality toothpastes capable of ensuring rapid enamel lightening. Products affect the oral cavity very carefully, but effective.

Get acquained with some pasta.

  • Blanx White Shock Protect + LEDActivator, 50 ml. An effective set of hygienic tools that protect teeth, as well as their whitening. Whitening effect manifests itself almost after the first application. There are no aggressive components.

  • Blanx White Shock Instant White. High-quality brand paste with rapid bleaching effect. The tool is able to safely whiten enamel on 2-4 tones. Can be used on prostheses and fillings.

  • Blanx White Shock Power White Treatment + LEDBite Activator. High-quality complex for dental enamel. Consists of the paste and LED lamp itself. The product allows you to clarify the surface of the teeth in 2-3 weeks. In this case, you can achieve changes up to 4 shades.

Blanx Med Reminelizing

Pasta capable of ensuring efficient protection of teeth. Characterized by therapeutic and prophylactic. This product combines daily care and powerful antibacterial effects. Using the product in question, it is possible to ensure reliable protection and dental enamel, and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Pasta is more expensive than many analogues, but it can boast of excellent performance indicators. In addition, this hygienic product has a natural and absolutely safe composition.

Instructions for use

As with any other hygienic or leaving product, Blanx paste needs to be used correctly. Consider a small instruction on the use of cleaning composition from the WHITE SHOCK series. It will be about the product, which is completed with a special diode lamp.

  • First you need to carefully remove the cap from the branded paste tube.
  • After that, it will be necessary to carefully get the Blanx LED accelerator from the package. It should be attached to the prepared tube.
  • Next, you need to unscrew the cap for proper activation of LED rays.
  • At this moment, the rays of the LED cap begin to shine straight from the tube. Thus, the activation of the Actulix component immediately begins. Light and then support this activation until the paste is applied to the brush.
  • It is also possible to wind the cap back on the tube. But it should be remembered that the more the light will receive Actulix, the more intense will be whitening effect.
  • The process of cleaning the teeth in this case does not differ from the standard. During the hygienic procedure, you should make a brush peculiar motion to remove the entire flare and residues from enamel and from interdental slots.
  • It will be necessary to clean the chewing teeth on all sides.
  • First you need to treat external, and then the inner part of the teeth.
  • During cleaning, you should not do too sharp movements so as not to damage the gums brush. Low along the entire top and bottom jaw should not – because of this, all sediments are even more clogged into hard-to-reach areas.
  • At the end of the procedure, it is desirable to handle the surface of the language and the inner surfaces of the cheek.

Review reviews

Blanx’s toothpastes are very popular, so buyers leave many reviews about them. Among them, you can find many enthusiastic, but some shortcomings of users also celebrate.

First we learn what kind of buyers nicely surprised branded hygienic products Blanx.

  • Many satisfied reviews are due to the fact that after applying the brand paste, the freshness of breathing is preserved for a long time.
  • According to user statements, Blanx brand paste cleans their teeth very well. This review was left by many buyers.
  • People like that after applying toothpaste Blanx, the surface of their teeth remains perfectly smooth for a long time. Smooth they stay even after making food.
  • I am struck by many buyers and a wonderful whitening effect of branded pastes. According to user statements, they did not even expect so fast and well-noticeable effect from the application of Blanx products. Many people enamel became lighter at once a few tones.
  • The striking ability to remove with dental enamel absolutely all spots were pleasantly surprised by users, including many smokers and large coffee lovers.
  • Also buyers noted that the hygiene products of Blanx do not burn the mucous membrane of the mouth as many other refreshing pastes.
  • Many people liked the pleasant, unobtrusive taste of branded Blanx products.
  • According to user statements, after the start of using the Blanx paste, their teeth have become much less to undergo carious foci.
  • The composition of the firm’s paste is non-abrasive, which pleased many users. Among them are many those who suffer from increased sensitivity of teeth.
  • People like and the fact that Blanx pastes are good.
  • The fact that only safe natural components are present in the brand products, attracts many buyers.

The factors with which positive customer reviews are associated, you can list another long time. A lot of people did not find any minus in Blanx products.

      As for the shortcomings noted by customers, they are associated with the following things:

      • Some seems short to preserve the purity of the teeth after cleaning paste+
      • Negative reviews are associated with the high cost of brand products+
      • Someone whitening the effect of the paste seemed quite weak+
      • Blanx hygienic products are found not very often, which does not like many consumers.

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