Toothpaste Dental Clinic 2080

Toothpaste Dental Clinic 2080

A lot of toothpaste is represented on the market – each manufacturer risks remain unnoticed, but advertising makes its business. So, the Korean production of Dental Clinic 2080 showed well. If you believe consumer reviews, It refreshes well and cleans, struggles with a dental stone and carefully copes with a sensitive enamel of teeth. Learn about it in more detail.


China and the Republic of Korea are famous for the production of good cosmetics and treatments for themselves. Consumers have allocated for themselves among the abundance of PAST DENTAL CLINIC 2080 – its ruler is designed for both adults and children since the 6-year-old age. In South Korea, this brand leads the market and constantly gets enthusiastic consumer reviews.

The PAST line of Dental Clinic 2080 includes natural components, such as:

  • sorbitol+

  • Silica+

  • Sodium fluoride+

  • Aminocaproic acid+

  • polyethylene glycol.

Pasta provides careful care for the oral cavity, perfectly refreshes breathing and protects against the occurrence of caries. Suitable for Regular Applications. Dental Clinic 2080 is saturated with abrasive particles, actively removing loose raid and food particles. The sweetener maintains the optimal level of acidity and in a duet with other bioactive substances protects the oral cavity from various diseases.

Assortment overview

Dental Clinic 2080 includes a paste assortment for children and adults. Since the choice is very rich, everyone will be able to pick up the paste favorite taste that meets the requirements. Each of the presented pastes is good in its own, as they say numerous positive feedback. Read each of them separately.

“Super Green Protection” Power Shield Green 120G

The taste of peppermint

Price: 190 p.

Toothpaste “Super Protection Green” Developed To restore and strengthen dental enamel. It consists of mineral components, due to which the enamel density recovery exceeds 95%.

“Eastern Tea Granat” Cheong-en-Cha Saeng Pomegranate 120g

Flavor fruit-mint

Price: 190 p.

Eastern tea provides comprehensive protection of the oral cavity and gives fresh breath. To maintain the health and youth gums in the composition of vitamin E. In the consistency of unobtrusive flavor, foams well.

“Maximum Protection” Pro-Max 125G

Taste of mint

Price: 170 p.

This option paste is designed For preventive measures in the fight against the dental stone. “Maximum protection” is better to clean the teeth 2 in 2 days, since it has a high degree of abrasiveness RDA-120.

Whitening “Shining White” Shining White, 100G

Taste of mint

Price: 200 p.

“Shining White” Ideal for coffee makers. Microgranules penetrate remote areas of the oral cavity, which prevents the development of a toothache. The consistency does not irritate the mucous membrane and gives the enamel of the desired whiteness.

“Apple” Kids Apple Toothpaste 80g

Taste of apple and mint

Price: 99 p.

Since the children’s paste is made in Korea, information to it is presented in Korean, but the sticker is pasted on top of the sticker, where the composition describes in detail in Russian. If you believe the manufacturer, toothpaste It has a specially designed formula for childish teeth care.

Pink Himalayan Salt »Pure Pink Mountain Salt Mild Mint 120G

Taste of mint

Price: 190 p.

The perfect product from Koreans, which, as consumers noted, can pleasantly amaze. Pasta has a slightly pink shade. If you use the “Himalayan salt” together with an electric brush, it will clearly clean my teeth. In this product, only 0.1% fluorine is exactly the amount that must be contained in the pasta to prevent caries.

“Coal and Mint” Black Clean Charcoal Toothpaste

Taste of mint

Price: 210 p.

The paste contains natural activated carbon – Many people know about its properties perfectly whiten your teeth. The composition also includes silica, xanthan gum, flavoring.

Black consistency, not strongly foams that for many is a plus.

For smokers – Dentalsys Nicotare Toothpaste 130g

The taste of peppermint

Price: 176 p.

Smoking people are worried about the formation of plaque on the teeth and in general about their condition. According to the manufacturer, Pasta eliminates the smell of tobacco well, and even non-smokers can use it. She helps to keep a smile snow-white.

“Vitamin Care” VITA CARE COENZYME Q10 120G

Taste of green apple and mint

Price: 140 r.

The paste includes extracts of therapeutic herbs. The multivitamin complex protects well from caries and the formation of plaque. Against teeth luxury protects fluoride. The product of Korean production perfectly refreshes the breath, and the effect holds long.

“Professional Protection” Pro-Clinic 125G

Taste of mint

Price: 140 p.

Professional paste is suitable for all ages since 6 years. Judging by the Russian-language label, this paste, too, from Kerasys – Republic of Korea. The composition has an average level of abrasiveness – RDA 90, so the product is suitable for daily use. Consisted very economically.

Tips for use

The packer of the Korean manufacturer of Dental Clinic 2080 can be used regularly, but it is advisable to squeeze a small number of content on the brush, because there are a lot of paste, they literally eat. Up to 6 years, the manufacturer advises to accompany children to the bathroom to keep track of the cleaning of the teeth.

The amount of paste must be limited to the size of the pea.

Dental Clinic 2080 needs to be used after each meal – no less than 2 times a day. Probably everyone understands that the paste is inconedible, but the manufacturer resembles – it is designed to clean the teeth, the consistency does not need to swallow. In case of contact with eyes, you do not need to panic, but quietly rinse them with water. After applying the contents of the tube to the toothbrush, the cleaning of the oral cavity and teeth should not exceed 3 minutes.

Many consumers have long used Paste Dental Clinic 2080 and do not agree to change it on any other. This is explained by the fact that its composition includes therapeutic herbs, it refreshes and gives the teeth with a white shine, about which everyone dreams about.

And many are assessed by unobtrusive pleasant flavors of pasta, a wide choice and a democratic price – together with minimal flow, this is a real find!

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