WHITE GLO Toothpaste

WHITE GLO Toothpaste

Daily qualitative care for teeth guarantees the safety of their health and appearance for many years ahead. According to professional dentists, with the help of a special toothpaste, you can safely whiten your teeth without much difficulty – everything will depend here on the elected technology, in any case the modern bleaching process is very careful. To get the maximum effect on your teeth, you need first Clean the cleaning agent.


White Glo toothpaste is a product recognizable product produced in Australia and high demand from domestic consumers. This tool is distinguished by highly clarifying properties, so in general, positive feedback both professionals and ordinary buyers. In addition to the whole set of effective toothpastes called White Glo, a line of leaving the teeth from the manufacturer of this brand also includes stylish brushes for cleaning teeth, extremely comfortable strips for rapid bleaching, miniature teeth care sets on the road, and Also advanced complexes for home brightening teeth suffering from permanent smoking.

According to the manufacturer’s company whitening the White Glo brand whites perfectly removes any raid as possible, which accumulated on the teeth and in the interdental space. Means will qualitatively eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the mouth.

The composition of this unique means includes such active ingredients as natural rose flower oil, a complex of vitamins, which are designed to protect the mouth mucosa from possible wound. In some pastes, the component is also located, the main purpose of which is the whitening of the enamel of the teeth in admirers of such dye drinks, like tea and coffee. This natural element is referred to as diatomite, made it from fossil algae. This substance guarantees almost complete removal of ugly spots from smoking on dental enamel, and will also help to get rid of the extremely stupid breathing from the mouth for a long time, and all the modern smokers are constantly faced with it.

WHITE GLO without problems can be used in preventive purposes for the daily care of the oral cavity at home. In addition, dentists recommend this product by those inhabitants who have long dreamed of clarifying dental enamel, but at the same time they do not want or cannot make professional whitening – it is very expensive and sometimes there is a traumatic.

And also this magnificent means will allow you to solve cliff as soon as possibleDeparting dental problems:

  • prevent the appearance itself, as well as to stop the development of such an unpleasant disease, like caries+
  • heal inflammation in fabrics+
  • qualitatively refreshing unpleasant breathing.

Product Advantages:

  • fully universal, almost no contraindications+
  • You can easily use every day without a break+
  • Pleasant smell and taste pasta+
  • Long feeling of fresh breath+
  • Beautiful packaging+
  • Convenient to use a tube with a neat dispenser+
  • Whiten on the enamel traces of coffee, tea and other coloring products+
  • does not contain dangerous or harmful components.


  • pretty high for many alternatives Price+
  • On some teeth, the effect can be obtained far away.

First, the products of this Australian brand was designed only for film actors and models. However, soon the product has become recognizable and popular among ordinary people, quickly took the leading positions on sales in Australia and appeared on store shelves in our country. It turned out that not only the actors and models are very important a beautiful snow-white smile – ordinary man investers also want to brag about the surrounding healthy kind of their teeth.

Currently, this beautiful paste is accessible to everyone, and the fact that the company sells it for many years, means that its various means for whitening enamel, indeed, give positive results.

Description of the range

The company offers consumers several lines of their products that can easily cope with various serious problems of dental enamel. The line and main impact component will depend on the direction of the line. For example, coffee lovers and smokers will be able to choose for themselves individually separate types of dental pastes.

With a rinse

Extraceal paste with a whitening effect of 2 in 1 with a rinse in the composition. It contains a sufficient amount of fluorine to protect the teeth from the appearance of caries, and it is canceled for everyday use. The product is distinguished by double power: you and teeth will be able to whiten, and rinse them during cleaning with special composition. The denatured alcohol has the ability to penetrate even inaccessible places, guaranteeing a successful fight against harmful bacteria. But it is they who cause unpleasant to surround the smell of mouth.

This leaving also has a richberry oil, which is filled with vitamins, due to them can successfully increase the protective properties of the mucous membrane in the mouth.

For lovers of tea and coffee

Toothpaste with fast clarification effect Perfectly suitable for veneers of strong black tea and coffee – This tool is wonderful fighting with the solar dark stains on the teeth, and these stains most often appear after a long use of certain beverages. Pasta successfully protects the enamel from the appearance of various dark spots, will help get rid of the old with the help of Carnubskaya wax particles.

“Professional choice”

Despite its trade status, this means Completely safe for everyday use due to increased content of fluorine. Fluorine will protect the enamel from the probability of the appearance of caries and high quality whiten of any teeth. Pasta often acquire models and actors to visually improve the appearance of teeth in front of an important shooting.

For smokers

Extraseal paste for smoking people productively whiten the problem tooth enamel, removing the solar flare, dark spots from nicotine and disguised the unpleasant “flavors” from mouth.

Positive features of the Australian tools for smokers:

  • Indeed, it will improve the external side of the smile of an avid tobacco lover+
  • Qualitatively refreshing breathing, completely eliminating the fragrance of nicotine+
  • can be applied regularly (best 2 times a day) to obtain a more significant result+
  • Fast whitening will occur without harm to enamel, as the equipment includes only natural components+
  • Any brush is suitable for this paste+
  • Convenient use (there are 100 grams packaging, and you can buy a more economical tube on 24 g).

For sensitive teeth

Extraceal with whitening effect for very sensitive gums and teeth. Here, the components are chosen so carefully that the process of dental clarification is carried out very gently, the most gentle. Multi-breasted pasta contains potassium nitrate, which allows preventing discomfort, directly related to the problem of increased sensitivity of the teeth. The tool will calmly calm the nerve endings.

The “White Glo with coal” means – in its composition will contain charcoal, and it has long been known for its unique properties to lighten even the most soothed dark spots, which means it will also help the teeth to acquire the long-awaited whiteness.

In addition, the active components of coal are beautifully fighting with various bacteria, and after using paste you can feel a pleasant refreshing effect.

Tips for use

Usually in order to brush the teeth, a single paste is used, just a peas in size. You need to apply this amount of paste on your toothbrush – and without stops to brush your teeth at least 2-3 minutes, At the same time, not forgetting also about the casual massage of cheeks and language. This kind of manipulation to obtain the rapid effect of the clarification must be repeated at least 2 times a day – in the mornings and evenings, and best after each meal.

These recommendations concern and pasture pastures and tools for cleaning sensitive gums and teeth. With everyday application, the visual result will be visible much faster and will last a much longer period. If you are seriously afraid that the paste is harmful to your teeth, then you should start applying it not every day, but only from time to time. And then it is best to brush my teeth for the night. According to the dentists themselves, in this case the effect will be more pronounced.

Review reviews

User feedback to White Glo toothpaste is quite contradictory. Many people have noted her beautiful design and ergonomics of pasta in the package (small tubes are comfortable to take on the trip). Most of the buyers noticed that the effect of the short application of pasta is actually not so good, but if it is used, indeed, a long period of time, the teeth will seriously brighten, differing natural and beautiful white.

Some agree that this pasta is better suitable for avid smokers and those who love coffee, but if a person does not apply to them, then the effect of the use of the fund will be almost inconspicuous. Some in their reviews note that certain pastes in the line of funds are harvested by the mucous membrane and have a taste for an amateur. Other users assure that familiar dentists sharply against the use of this product and mostly advise him to throw it. However, if you consider its considerable cost, even the most ardent opponents of the product are not in a hurry to part with it.

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